Thistle Sting

- the heroes come back from the cave.

- they see a group of swiftcows. and a mound in the sand moving towards the group. It pops up, and catches one, stinging it.
Sandstrider. Perrin charge attacks it. Perrin, Meldox, and Mog make short work of it. Saru decides to give it to Josh and Rayna, since they wanted one. Rayna says they can’t eat it, but they can use the hide.

- They move onto the second square, and there are three Meownixes eating a Swiftcow. They move on.

- They move to the next square, and see four people. Two of them look competent, and shoot a swiftcow dead.

- Saru thinks Josh and Rayna could join them, since they are hunting swiftcows, and could use help.

- Saru asks Josh to approach and ask them. Josh does so.

- Saru, she goes and strikes up a conversation. They are the two archers, Xavier and Winston.

- they are hired to help people who can’t hunt swiftcows to hunt swiftcows.

- saru says why dont they teach the others. Winston says there is no money in that.

- xavier is friendly, while winston is a snob.

- they say they recognize the guy in the huge armor.

- Meldox remmebrs them, and they are from the potential dinosaur hunt, but all that crazyness in Lyons happened before they could do it.

- he asks them if they saw any wood beholders on theway here. trees that walk and talk, and that’s just not right. xavier says he is familiar with them. and probably not to call them wood beholders, as the fairies get very offended that peple would refer to their pets as beholders. to call them octo trees.

- rayna and cherry say since the two men can carry a swiftcow each, they could hunt one more for both women to carry. Saru reprimands them for being weak and relying on men.

- they decide to head back to town and see if maybe there are more swiftcows on the way.

When the Heroes of Hope get back to the city, they see Hernandez lying on the ground on a merchant rug, and several people surrounding him, including some of the citizens of Hope. There is a white puddle that the horses are licking up.
Hernandez seems to be barely awake. Jesse is also sitting there, dazed.

Harriette (to Emerson): Those fool kids. I can’t believe how stupid they make them these days. Lucky the profit from that other trade will offset my losses. I should make you guys carry my table back to Hope on foot as punishment!

Animal: Ah-Hahahahaha!!!

Romel: Hey man, I got to write this down. How did it feel?

Hernandez: ……

Romel: Bro and that red haired girl got bitten by one of those Thistle Snakes.

Harriette: You won’t believe how it happened! I get angry just thinking about it!! She walks away to inside the cart.

Tawney: I don’t know if we should say. You guys will lecture us.

Jesse: Nooo……don’t.
Francine: No, don’t tell them. Please don’t tell them.

Animal: Ohh man, you should totally tell them! They missed out on a lot!
Epona Girl 69: Yeah, I missed the whole thing too! I can’t believe it!
Animal: If you won’t tell them, then I’m gonna tell them!

Nina: Hernandez got bitten on purpose.

Romel: It was a dumb argument. I blame Jesse.

Terri: Ok, I’ll tell you guys. But promise not to get mad at Hernandez?

Terri: He did it cause Jesse told him to do it. Jesse was still mad at Hernandez for trying to kidnap her the last time those pirates were in our town. She finally decided to confront Hernandez. She walked up to him and threw a rock at him really hard, and then they got into a huge argument.

Romel: Yeah, she said he hadn’t been served his just desserts for that yet, but he argued back that she almost killed him with that poison in his lunch. He spent the rest of the day dry-hurling in that jail and then on the way to Chantelle. He thought that was enough punishment but Jesse didn’t agree. So he asked her what other punishment would make her happy and they could call it even.

Animal: Hahahaha!!!! This is the best part!!

Terri: So Jesse says if he got poisoned again, badly, that would even it out. And he agreed.

Reynolds: Umm….don’t mention me ok guys?

Terri looks at Reynolds and rolls her eyes.

Terri: So then SOME body, said that he heard from SOME people in the tavern that there was this snake in the desert that looked like tumbleweed. Called the Tumble Snake or something.

Reynolds: Thistlesn catches himself nevermind.

Terri: Yeah, Thistlesnake! So Hernandez asked Rey…..I mean, this guy, who gave him this information, how poisonous it was. In which “this guy – this person” said he didn’t think it was that poisonous, or people here would have been talking about it more.

Nina: In other words, it was just a complete uneducated guess. Nina glares angrily at Reynolds.

Terri: So anyhow….Hernandez agrees to go looking for one, and get bitten by one to satisfy Jesse. We found one just a short walk outside the city.

Animal: That was so cool man! Let me tell this part!!!

Animal: Hernandez goes and looks nervously at the tumbleweed, and looks back at me, and then looks back at the tumbleweed. He asks me if that really is a snake. Then, when everyone is talking, I go BAM! and scare everybody! But the snake must’ve gotten scared too, because then it jumps out and bites Hernandez right in the arm!!

Terri: Jesse feels terrible about it, and runs to try and get the snake off, just as it starts to coil around him.

Animal: I was laughing my ass off, so I couldn’t help!

Terri: Then Jesse got bitten too.

Francine: Yeah, it was horrible. We walked back to town, and I was casting cure light wounds the whole way back.

Terri: Luckily, the snake used up most of its venom on Hernandez, so Terri could still walk back to town alright. We had to carry Hernandez.

Nina: Yeah, and that old lady with us is pissed, because she had to use a Neutralize Poison potion on Hernandez, and those, she said, are really expensive. She also had to use a delay poison on Jesse.

Animal: Hahaha!! Hernandez must’ve hurled twice by now. Se that big puddle by the horses? That’s ALL from Hernandez. There are little chunks of cabbage in there.

Terri: So I guess Hernandez and Jesse are even now.

Romel: I have the Caitonia monster manual at home, but it doesn’t say what happens when people get bit by certain things. It just tells you if the animal can kill you or not. So I am documenting everything and I’m gonna make my own notes as to what each creature’s bite does and how it feels. The Tumblesnake makes people feel really sick to the stomach, and causes vomiting. Even with a neutralize poison potion.

Harriette: The Neutralize Poison Potion induces vomiting you idiot! How else do you think it helps gets rid of some types of poisons?

Romel: Oh…..sorry, old lady.

Harriette: You guys owe me a potion!

Romel: So I’m gonna write down how each person feels when they get bitten. I was wondering if anyone got bitten on this last trip?
Romel looks hopefully at Perrin

Hernandez: Ugggg…..ask Perrin to come here.

Hernandez: You should know……I asked you all those other times because my brother didn’t want to ask too much, but you were the one that just kept getting bitten.

Jimmi: Oh, by the way, news is that the sherff of this town has returned. I had heard Lucy wanted to talk to him about something?

Epona Girl 69 has devised a plan. She has been scouting out houses. 4 empty ones, and wants to break and enter. Lucy says they are soldiers now, and it wouldn’t look so great.

Jimmi says the Sheriff is back in town and Lucy had something he wanted to talk to him about? Lucy said she is on the way but wants to talk to Hernandez, Romel, etc. first.

He tells them about the death of Melnor. They are saddened. He shows them Melnor’s sword and she will cherish it. Animal asks if he can have it. Lucy says something like that must be earned. Animal says I’ll trade you. Lucy asks what he has. Animall says he has whips and chains, if she’s into that.

- Perrin goes to see Gwendy to buy a harry potter robe. After some small talk, he is fitted with a scholar’s robe. He says she has made it clear there is nothing between them, and would like a robe. In the end, Gwendy says she would like to say goodbye to them when they leave.

Alistor, the blue haired elf who asked Saru on a date, returns and says he was waiting for her. Keith steps in and comments that Saru looks nice today. Saru puts her hand up to Keith’s face and says she is talking to someone right now. Keith is hurt badly by this.

- Perrin goes to get a new chain shirt. They guy doesn’t get out much. He tries hard to get a discount.

- Lucy talks to sherff, sherff apolgizes.

- says they lost control of the pit. Gives posters to her. One of the people is Barthos.

- Saru goes on date with Alistor.

- she convinces him to spend more money than usual . they have a dinner on merchant alley.

- he asks her to come home with him. saru thinks the worst, but he has to check in on someone – a kid. it is not his.

saru goes to his home. there are people lying on the couch, strewn out. a kid named bailey is there.
—asks about mother. he can;t remember.
- she hears about a job regarding killing queen bee’s allies.

- she convinces alistor to not be with staggs group as he will be killed.

- saru runs back to the group and says they have to leave now.

- lucy runs to get weapons with Meldox.

- they give new armor and weapons to hernandez and group and prepare for battle.

Into the Mouth of Madness - Part II

Moving further into the cave, the Heroes of Hope continue on, seeking a treasure chest, and a companion that Archibald lost contact with a few days ago.

Melnor leads the way, checking for any traps that may have been set.

They enter a large area, and battle Flail Snails, who they make short work of.

They let Arcibald lead them, and they eventually get to an area he is unfamiliar with. The rocky outcropping moves to a higher elevation, and they use their ropes to attempt to climb the rocks. Several attempts are made to get Meldox up onto the ledge, before finally he succeeds. Each person attempts the climb, some successful, and some not. There is some discussion as to whether they should drag the body of Donna up the ledge as well, and it is decided that they don’t want to leave Sebastian and Aliyah behind in danger. So after many attempts, they get everyone up on the rocks.

Meldox, being the first one up onto the second rocky mound, he notices the entire area covered in a slimy, slippery substance. Many blood grubs are circling this pit. The group is both very cautious and fearful at the same time, as the pit leads down to a hole. Tying Meldox to a rope, they lower him into the slimy pit carefully. He sees a large mouth at the bottom of the pit, with a creature in it who posesses a row of large, razor sharp teeth. He also confirms that there is a treasure chest beside the creature, very near the mouth. Perrin tells the cave splunkers he has a suspicion that that is the treasure chest their frineds were carrying back. He also tells them his opinion that he disagrees about the decision to obtain this treasure, and that he thinks it is way too dangerous, and it is a suicide mission. When Meldox is attacked by one of the blood grubs, he quickly kills it, but not before losing his footing, and slipping down closer into the center of the pit. A long tongue quickly rockets out of the creature of the mouth, and swings its flail-like tongue at Meldox at the same time. The group panics, and quickly pulls Meldox back to safety.

They discuss the situation, and attempt to come up with a plan. They come up with a scheme to try and get a rope to the other side of the ridge, another outcropping of rocks about 80 to 100 feet on the other side. From there, they can perhaps lower someone into the pit, and try to airlift the treasure chest. The tongue is also a problem, but the group agrees that it may be too difficult to cut the organ while it is taking swings at them.

While the group discusses strategies, Perrin hears some talking from the other side of the pit. He yells out a hello, and then the talking falls silent. Melnor(?) suggests that wasn’t exactly the brightest move, as now they have alerted the people across the pit of their presence. Perrin argues that it might’ve been the missing treasure hunter, and he would have liked to know whether they were ok.

The group finally decides that the best course of action is to lower Meldox into the pit, and get him to grab the treasure chest while they all pull him out. As they prepare to lower Meldox into the pit, Melnor the halfling rogue grows impatient with the group, and decides to go for the treasure himself. venturing out onto the slime covered surface, he manages to avoid losing his balance. But suddenly, 6 people, dressed in black and grey, and most likely either Scarab bandits or members of Black Dragon, emerge from the other side of the pit, and seeing Melnor, begin shooting arrows at him. Several of the arrows pierce Melnor, and immediately, he hits his Ring of Vigor, restoring 10 HP to himself. But Melnor cannot keep his balance, and loses his footing at the edge of the first 10 foot drop into the pit, then freefalls to the second level. He continues to tumble closer to the gaping jowl of the pit monster, who resembles a large blood grub. With an unearthly roar, the hideous creature spits out more blood grubs, and they immediately move towards Melnor. Panicing, the group gives the rope some slack, and Meldox, the heavily armored dwarf, steps out into the slime, attempting to rescue his little friend. Melnor runs towards his allies and attempts to climb the first wall, just as the archers from the other side shoot their second volley of arrows. Meldox jumps down from the first ledge, but before he can reach his friend, the arrows pierce him again, sending him careening closer to the open mouth of the creature. Melnor miraculously regains his balance, but is beset upon by blood grubs, who knock the small halfling, and making him lose balance once again. As Melnor loses conciousness, his last thought is whether he should use his spell of feather falling, to delay him slipping into the mouth, but decides against it, as it would be more painful if he fell slowly into the mouth, and get chewed into tiny pieces while his remains floated in.

Seeing his doomed friend eventually disappear into the creature’s jowl, Meldox yells to his allies to pull him out. Meldox scrambles back to the group. The group is horrified at what just happened, and after some discussion, decide to abandon the situation, as this mission is just too dangerous.

They head back to the entrance of the cave, and their sadness and shock is replaced by a collective sign of relief as they finally, once again, see sunshine and the sands of the Acridian Expanse.

Into the Mouth of Madness, Part I

First thing in the morning, the Heroes of Hope tell the large group of people following them to gather beside the carts, because they need to make an announcement.

The plan was to get everyone together and cast a Zone of Truth, then ask everyone if they were the ones who stole the mushrooms.

At the last second, the Heroes of Hope decide this wouldn’t be the best course of action, seeing as how they got arrested, tried, thrown in jail, and were generally AWOL for the past few days, leaving their followers to essentially fend for themselves. The last thing they needed was for them to start accusing their friends of stealing.

Perrin stands on one of the carts, and gives a speech about how everyone needs to be more careful when they are keeping watch, and although they trust them, that they should be more vigilant when they are on duty.

Richard unknowingly, interrupts Perrin in the middle of his speech and declares that he wasn’t the one who stole the items.

Perrin scolds him, and tells Richard that this wasn’t exactly the time to rudely interrupt and say that. Richard apologizes.

Nina asks if people still believe in throwing around accusations about who stole their stupid poison mushrooms.

Sara gets pissed off, and retorts considering the present company they are keeping, their guess is as good as hers.

Nina challenges Sara to come and say it to her face, and moves towards Sara.

Hernandez and Perrin get in her way, Jimmi holds back Sara, and the two almost begin to fight. Perrin gets angry and tells them both to back off. The two angry women are seperated.

Animal says, “Hold on guys! This is getting out of hand! Why don’t we make it a rule that only the person who casts the spell gets to ask the questions? And they bring in people one at a time into the zone of truth?”

Brudder replies, “Hey, that’s actually a good idea!” Jimmi also replies, “Good idea Animal!” The rest of the group agree with Animal, and they begin to chant his name.

Animal! Animal Animal!

Perrin suggests that that is not what they are about, and they don’t feel like being the referee to every little arguement that breaks out among the group.

Nina goes over and talks to Saru about how she is not going to stand there and be falsely accused by anyone. Saru agrees with her.

Barthos the scholar and Archibald both approach the Heroes of Hope and ask Perrin which quest they have decided to do. Perrin being cross at the situation first thing in the morning, is annoyed, and snaps at both of them, saying he told them they would go to their houses when they were ready. Meldox and Moginhedin tell Perrin that he has it wrong, and they were told to meet at the city gate first thing in the morning. Perrin admits he was mistaken, and to ignore what he just said.

Out from the now bustling crowd on Merchant Alley, a blue haired elf, who is dressed like a Sarab bandit, approaches Saru, and says he recognizes her. But upon closer inspection, he realizes he is wrong, and the girl he was looking for is not her. He decides to introduce himself, and asks Saru out to lunch or dinner anyways. Saru and the elf talk, and she finds out his name is Alistar, and he’s working for the Scarab bandits who are siding with Stagg. Saru asks why he decided to side with Stagg, and he seems to be going along with Stagg’s side because all his friends are, and it’s convenient.

Saru tells him she agrees to go out with him, but will be busy at the moment, and she will meet him back at the entance to the gate in a few hours. He agrees and says he’ll be waiting anxiously.

The group gets ready to leave for the first cave with Archibald, Hammerfist, and Florica. They decide to bring Pink along for some extra fighting prowess.

Headin out into the desert, they see swiftcows, and moving mounds in the sand, which they know are the ever present and dangerous sandstriders.

About 3 miles into the journey, they come upon a woman and a man out in the middle of the Acridian Expanse. The man is lying next to an unconscious Meownix, while the woman cries for help. The group approaches carefully.

The woman pleads with the Heroes of Hope, and a quick Cure Light Wounds strengthens the man.

The group asks the couple what they are up to, and they tell them they are out here trying to hunt swiftcows, but have not had any luck. The group does not want to leave them out there alone, and invites them to follow them to the cave, and then back to the city. The couple, who are husband and wife, introduce themselves as Rayna and Josh.

Continuing their journey, they notice that there are a group of three people, who look like they could be either Black Dragon or Scarab bandits, seem to have been following them the whole time. They decie to ignore them for now. The move on further to the cave.

They do battle with a terrorbeak, and looking back, the three peole are still following them, seemingly biding their time, but to what end, they don’t know.

Saru then devises a plan. Asking the group to hide her from view, she turns herself invisible, and asks the group to continue walking. Saru stays where she is as the group moves on. The three stalkers get closer to Saru, and when they are 20 or so ft. close, Saru pops out of her invisibility and charms one of the bandits. The two remaining people begin to draw their weapons, while the first one is pleasantly surprised, and greets Saru as Angelina. This confuses the other two, giving Saru an opening to cast charm on the second stalker. The second stalker believes Saru to also be a friend, and greets her happily. They introduce themselves. The girl with the spear is named Aliyah, and the guy is named Sebastian. The third stalker, a blond woman with a broadsword tells her companions they are being mind controlled. Saru argues with them, as Meldox approaches them, followed closely by the rest of the group. Saru tells the two charmed people to hold them down, as Meldox comes closer. They obey Saru and the blond girl is held down. The three stalkers argue, and in the heat of the arguement, she tells reminds them they need to kill the Heroes of Hope. Meldox, approaching the group, feigns surprise at being threatened, and with a swoop of his Dwarven Waraxe, splits the rib cage of the blond girl. The other two are horrified as her blood and innards explode from her chest and her blood is quickly licked up by the hot, desert sand.

Saru tells them she could’ve allowed Meldox to do the same to them, and they should settle down, or they might meet the same fate. The two cry out for mercy, and tell Saru there was no justification for what the dwarf just did. Saru tells them plainly that that’s he’s a fighter, and that’s just how he rolls.

As the whole group decides what to do about the situation, The two bandits tell the Heroes of Hope that they just can’t leave their friend out there, and want to give Donna a proper burial. They ask if they can escort them back to town. Lucy takes out a bedroll, and tell the bandits to wrap their friend’s remains up and carry them with the group as they head to the cave. The two bandit do as they are told, and the bedroll, once white, begins to turn into a dull red color as the remains of Donna soak the fabric.

They eventually get to the cave, and it’s suggested that they should leave the body outside the cave. The group disagrees, and tells the bandits there are a lot of hungry meownix’s roaming around, who would not hesitate to make a meal of the remains of their friend. Saru tells them to carry their friend into the cave, following closely from the flank, and asks Pink to keep an eye on them.

Upon entering the nearly pitch black cave, they see skeletons and blood grubs. Using their ranged attacks, with arrows ablaze using some of the oil in their inventory, the blood grubs are quickly killed. The skeletons are handled very easily by Moginhedin, being turned to virtually nothing using his turn undead ability. As the group gets further in, Josh says he can’t go any further, because he has a very bad fear of skeletons. His wife Rayna coddles him and encourages him to be courageous. Moginhedin points out that he just saw how easy it was for him to eliminate the skeletons, and he really has nothing to fear. After much convincing, Josh summons enough bravery to venture further into the cave with the rest of the group, so long as he can stay right in the middle.

Hyde and Seek

This is just a brief summary, in point form, of what happened.

After the adventurers kill off the pirates and take back the magic mirror, they walk back to town, with the cart and horse.

Pink asks what sort of stuff she should concentrate on. Queen Bee always tells her she has a knack for fighting, and all she really wants is another thug, but Pink has an interest in pursuing wizardry.

Most of the party tell her they think this party could use a good wizard.

They face three Meownixes, and they also spot a body way over.

Perrin quickly runs into the middle to intercept the Meownixes and is beset upon. A cat takes a bite into his rump, and Perrin becomes diseased as a result (Pink says Meownixies usually deficate on their kills and then later come back to eat).

Meldox cuts a cat in half with two swings from his dwarven waraxe.

Melnor runs towards the body, and sees if it is alive. He determines that it is dead, and then searches the pockets.

They fight off the cats, and Moginhedin and Perrin get diseased because of the bite.

Two cats die, but one flees.

The adventurers, Moginhedin, Melnor, Meldox, Saru, Perrin, Lucy, and Pink get back into town.

Saru, Lucy, and Pink decide to visit the bar and talk (PCs Saru and Lucy absent, Pink minion of Saru).

Melnor tells the rest of his crew about the battle.

Hernandez asks Perrin what it felt like to get into a cat fight and be bitten by a meownix, as he had never met anyone bitten by one before. Perrin is flipant to Hernandez (could it be the disease??)

Melnor asks about info regarding Hyde.

Hernandez and group says he is at a party at his mansion, but it is a gated community.

Melnor leaves rest of the party and brings along Animal, Epona Girl, Tawney, Hernandez, Francine, and Romel along.

Melnor tells Francine (the LG? halfing cleric) she probably shouldn’t be there because she might not like what they are going to do.

Hernandez says they can’t just abandon her, and asks to spend time with her.

Melnor sends Epona Girl 69 to look for a pass to the gated community. Epona Girl points out that this isn’t an easy thing to get. Most people who have a pass own a house inside the community, and would want to know why they want to use it. Still, Melnor insists, and Epona Girl goes on her way to track one down.

Melnor then takes Tawney aside and talks to her about poisons. She asks why he needs it, and Melnor says it is to kill Hyde with. She agrees that Hyde is a bad person, and wouldn’t mind him being killed, and tells him there is a super poisonous snake called a thistle snake out in the desert. However, the poison must be injected, and Melnor says it won’t work, as he needs an ingested one.

Epona Girl 69 says she found someone with a pass, but he wants a Magic Skull as an item for exchange. Melnor says forget that, and wonders what else to do.

Melnor then decides to send his raven to find a pass. The raven can get over the wall easily and look for anyone who may have one. It can then attempt to pickpocket the person.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

The adventurers gather together, and Hernandez says a guard was asking about them. Apparently, they need to get their pardons processed.

The Heroes of Hope are wary of the guards in the town, so they try to decided if they should go and risk get thrown in prison again.

Perrin decides to go meet Gwendy. Gwendy, and Perrin make small talk, but she seems distant. Gwendy asks if they really murdered Beetle, and Perrin admits that they did, but he was a bad man. Perrin says they were pardoned by Hawkthorn, and asks if they can trust the town guards to honor that. Gwendy says if it was really signed by a nobleman, she doesn’t see anything that might go wrong. Perrin says he will return with his pardon and show her.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

The party is still reluctant to go to the jailhouse. Moginhedin outlines his distrust authority figures and their interpretation of ‘law’ to Perrin, Meldox. Perrin and/or Moginhedin ask Emerson to go and check it out, to make sure everything is on the up and up. Emerson leaves to see what’s up at the jailhouse.

Melnor’s group

The raven returns, but does not find a pass. However, it keeps pointing to an old man walking around the street. Melnor’s familiar returns again and tells Melnor he couldn’t pickpocket a pass from the old man. The pass is in his pocket, which has a button. He finds out that Epona Girl 69 is a really good pickpocket (did Melnor check his pursue??). Animal suggests maybe they should just beat the old man senseless and take the pass. However, Tawney said she joined Black Dragon to try and look after her brother, who is now dead, and will leave if they become no better than the pirates they are suppose to be fighting. Romel affirms her that is not the way they will roll, and they will have to find another way.

The old man sits down on a park bench. A blond lady sits beside him. The old man begins some small talk, and eventually asks the girl to go for drinks with him. She calls him an old pervert and she leaves in disgust.

The encounter inspires Melnor. He devises a plan to have Epona Girl disguise herself, then pick the old man’s pocket. Melnor casts some spells, and alters her hair color and shirt. Epona Girl makes small talk, and then bails when the old man asks her out for drinks, saying she has to go home and get something. She has to go back and ask which pocket it is. Raven tells her, as she reprimands the group for not giving her all the details. She leaves with the old man, and while he has his back turned, she successfully pickpockets the pass.

Already getting what she needed from gramps, Epona Girl 69 says “kthx bai” and ditches him. Gramps runs after her, and when the group sees him approaching, they quickly scatter.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

Emerson returns to say it looks like everything checks out.

They go to the jailhouse, and the pardons are signed. They tell the guard Saru is sick and they will bring a copy for her to sign.

Guard makes joke that they are now under arrest(?) but he was just joking, much to the relief of Moginhedin.

Katy, a debilitator sorceress guard, is annoyed that she has to use one of her spells to make photocopies. Another guard thinks she is acting a bit like a spoiled princess and suggests she drink a potion to calm herself.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

There are people waiting for them to do two cave missions, one is Professor Barthos, and the other is Archibald.

Perrin is cross with them because they just got put through the ringer, and he is pissed they seem so impatient to get everything done. 5 battles before dinner does that to adventurers.

They both agree that their missions can wait, and decide to meet at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea tomorrow.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

They help Harriette out with her deal for the Biomimic Gel. This encounter has all the shades of Miami Vice drug deal (just needed Perrin in a pink shirt and feathered hair, Meldox bear chested Latino style, and Mog in mirrored aviator sunglasses). The bandits draw their swords after the deal is done. They want their gel back and to keep the money. Moginhedin (queue taking off the shades) threatens them, and Harriette asks them if they want to have to deal with the Heroes of Hope. The bandit leader’s lips start to tremble (dirtbag), and he tells them he’s never heard of them (lying?, since they out numbered us). He reluctantly tells Harriette it was nice doing busisness with her, and concludes the deal by turning away.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

Jimmi says Sara has been depressed for the last few days. Mushrooms got stolen from the cart, and Sara feels bad, because mushrooms were used to try and kill Hawkthorn. She thinks some of the pirates in town did it, and Reynolds and Nina overhear her. An NPC argument ensues, and Nina calls Sara a bitch. Perrin settles the arguement down, and tells Nina and Reynolds to shut up.
The two Ransakk pirates walk away, mumbling under their breath about how Perrin isn’t even a real pirate. Hernandez thinks maybe a pirate stole it and tried to kill Hawkthorn.
Perrin tells Hernandez that they are pirates, but Hernandez says he meant the bad pirates.
Jimmi said he remembers hearing about a pirate who was found dead in an alley with 3 poison princesses in his bag. After some discussion, the party agrees that they’ve had a tough few days, and they would look bad if they tried to interrogate everyone. Meldox offers to compensate Sara for the mushrooms but she says she would feel bad for taking it, and she would rather the money go to helping fight off the pirates. The adventurers decide to call a meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Moginhedin will cast a zone of truth, and ask everyone if they stole the mushrooms.

At Gwendy’s Tailor shop

Perrin goes and sees Gwendy again, showing her the pardon and bringing her a swiftcow burger.
She still gives him the cold shoulder. Perrin says they are going to be leaving in the next little while, and she should come say goodbye.

Melnor’s group

Melnor and his group with Animal, Tawney, Romel, and Epona Girl get into the gated community with the ‘liberated’ pass from the old man. They go and see Hyde’s house and see people coming and going. Melnor sends his raven to see how they can get into the party. The Raven (Melnor we need a name for your familiar) finds out it is a guest list. However, the crow cannot read.
Melnor decides to make small talk with some people outside. He gets the names of three guys and two girls. Epona Girl points out dispel rod on the ground at entrance.They are able to enter. Hyde is sitting in his living room, talking to a bunch of merchants. Animal, Epona Girl, Romel, and Tawney block Melnor from view. Melnor casts a disguise self spell. Suddenly, there is a loud, low pitched wail, one of the jars on a stand moans, and Melnor’s spell fails. This brings it to the attention of everyone, and Melnor tries to bluff Hyde. Hyde boots him out. Melnor tries to sneak around through a window, but a guard catches him. Roland tells the guard to keep a close eye on Melnor and follow him around. Melnor, can’t shake the guard, even with multiple bribes, and decides to quit with his plan.

They decide to rest for the night.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Back in the cave… Seru punches Pink in the face! Because she wants to save Pink’s kid from a wasting disease!

Homeboy and Perrin go to Caitonia City. Perrin sees his dad (Phillip?), gets a quest, settles a married couple’s argument with lies and sees his ma. No, ma, I’m not married yet.

Homeboy stays in Caitonia City to gather favour with the nobles for when he makes his big dramatic announcement.

Perrin returns and a messenger hawk brings a note stating that Hawkthorne has secured our pardons. So we travel to Fort Kaylea! On the way there is a sandstrider ambush that hurts Perrin a lot.

And we also were going to distract/fight some chocobos but then Seru conjured a mount and booked it back to Kaylea.

We come upon a group of adventurers fighting about stolen money. Perrin tries talking to them. Menor pickpockets one a guy named Fink, puts the money back, gets caught and then stabs Fink. Perrin leaves Melnor to solve his own problems. Lucy & Meldox step up and Lucy just talks at them until they surrender and leave Melnor alone. Lucy comvinces all the adventurers to empty ALL their pockets with Meldox hovering menecingly behind. The guilty thief is found when he empties way too much silver than his share, and flees into the desert. They (the other adventurers) split up the thief’s silver and depart. This was a pretty good thing so I think we get a moral pass on our next assassination attempt.
This is your horse…. this is your horse ON DRUGS. *

Back in Fort Kaylea, Melnor learns that Blonde Ambition was not that ambitious on race day. He lost the 120 pg bet on the horse races. The NPCs are playing with wildly expensive weaponry that is not intended for them. It was intended for Melnor but the sword is too large for him to use. So Lucy rents it from him at 100gp a month. Perrin punches Seru because she ran off and abandoned him. Seru takes off. (It was a good punch (crit?), too. For posterity’s sake.)

Queen Bee collects the skeeziest of skeezes and impresses them with her alliance with us. Our reputation grew three sizes that day. Also I didn’t take a photo of this historic moment. Queen Bee keeps her power play by saying that she could have taken us prisoner but chose not to. Thanks, jerk.

Animal walks around asking us all why he should join us.
Melnor: I’m a powerful black dragon so you should join us
Perrin: I don’t particularly care, but if you love money you should join us
Lucy: If you join us you’ll pay less taxes.
Meldox: Yeah they feed us, treat us pretty good.
So Animal joins us. Queen Bee is disappointed that the revolution will take more than 5 minutes. Animal mentions that the black dragon are setting up atea house in Caitonia, and our magic mind controlling tea mirror is gone!

Perrin grovels for Seru’s forgiveness so that they can go get the mirror, and Seru essentially makes Perrin her employee for the next 6 years or until Perrin can raise 10,000gp. So, employed it is. But anyway she’s coming back and we’re getting that mirror! Melnor reminds his dudes not to play with the expensive goddamn swords, because they’re not toys, and if you break it you buy it.

*Stop That Mirror! *

Off we go to find this mirror so that it doesn’t make our life even more of a hell than it already was before. We fought a couple of huge Desert Razor Wings (Ostriches on steriods with wings that can cut a horse in two!) and then we found the black dragon convoy with the mirror! And they totally saw us there was no sneaking.

Lucy, Meldox, Melnor, Pink and Perrin charged. Seru vanished. Perrin kept charging and they kept fighting. A Black Dragon provoked Lucy, resulting in many insulting comments from her. Perrin almost made it to the wagon, but got onto the wagon, but taken out by a dude with a whip and a few scare stares and a Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. What was Tasha’s problem, anyway. But Seru saved him!

ROWL: Rolling On Wagon, Laughing

The fighting line kept the majority of the black dragons distracted so that the wagon could be controlled with a well-timed charm from Seru. Perrin got kicked out of the wagon and ran off to fight some archers, assisting Meldox in his trail of bloodied spellcasters. Magebane Maldox cut a swath through no less than three spell casters, while Lucy, Melnor and Pink took out the heavily armed and armoured Black Dragon Warlords (with many insults). Mog did his best to keep us all alive, which he was very successful at because we all lived! We have the wagon, we have the horse, we have the mirror. Success?

Plan Bee

It’ll all be okay. After all, we have a plan!

The battle begins! Homeboy is terrified and we have to keep telling him he’ll be okay if he’ll just shut up and sit in the wagon. Pipe down, Homeboy! It was a pitched battle, but the heroes of hope started with momentum and kept it up, winning the day. After the battle, a guard killed another corrupt guard out of nowhere, and Homeboy revealed himself to be Hawkthorne! He faked his own death, you guys! I don’t know how he did it because he doesn’t seem like the swiftest dude in town. Homeboy has a hideout and he invites us to it. On the way, he tells us of his plan to liberate South Caitonia.

We get to the hideout and Queen Bee is there! And she and Homeboy are totally An Item! And Homeboy proudly tells us of his plan to hand us over to Queen Bee so that she can parade us through Fort Kaylea as her prisoners!


Thanks to some epic diplomacy, we convince Queen Bee that she really definitely should not do this thing. Our reputation cannot survive being prisoners twice in one week. And so she agrees to present us to Fort Kaylea as her partners in the South Caitonia uprising.

Hawkthorne will not be going with us. First, he will travel to Caitonia City and tell Philippe, the Earl of Chantelle, that the revolution will soon be underway. He is going to pardon the heroes of hope and then kick off the revolution by entering the halls of the king’s court and announcing it. This will get him killed and he will not hear otherwise.

Perrin asks to travel with Homeboy to Caitonia City so he can speak with Philippe, as he is part of the family that has served Philippe’s and he would like to deliver this message with Homeboy. Also, Homeboy is entirely likely to get himself killed by anyone with a plan, as he seems to approve of a plan no matter what the terms are.

Succor Punch

Jan 29, 2011

Queen Bee and Saru talk later that night, Saru offers an alliance between the Ransakk pirates and Scarab Bandits

Queen Bee tells her about Pink’s son and his disease.

They start off in Queen Bee’s cave.

Hawkthorn is leaving. He brings Perrin along

Saru punches Pink for not being honest with her.

After talking about it, they say they are even.

Hawkthorn decides to go ahead with his plan as is.

Perrin and Hawkthorn get to Caitonia City.

Phillipe is having an arguement with his wife, Lady Genevieve.

Garrison gives Perrin a story as to where he was for the last two days.

Genevieve thinks her husband Phillipe sent Perrin on a secret mission.

Perrin answers all of her questions and doesn’t make a mistake.

Perrin sees his mother who asks her if he has met a nice girl yet. He tells them about Gwendy.

Mother asks when he is bringing her back.

Garrison gives him a mission. They are being invited to a party in Chantelle, honoring the Heroes of Hope.

Perrin decides not to be a historian and wants to be a servent. He takes some worker clothes.

They are suppose to get the thoughts on who is supporting seperation from 5 different business people.

Perrin returns to the cave.

A hawk comes into the cave and delivers them a message. They have their pardons.

They start off back to Ft. Kaylea

They encounter some fastcows. Saru tries to get them to go to her. They mock her. Perrin and Melnor circle around.

Perrin is jumped by a Sandstrider and it successfull stings him.

They fight off the sandstrider as a terrorbeak approaches.

Saru and the rest get into an arguement and she calls a mount and rides off.

Saru encounters a dead man. She checks it out and recognizes him as one of the guys she charmed back in the battle to free them from the wagon.

She drops him.

The rest of the group runs into a bunch of people arguing. They all accuse Fink of stealing their money.

Melnor picks a one of the halflin merchant’s pocket, and finds some silver. He is trying to determine who stole the money.

He doesn’t think that was the guy, so he tries to put it back. He gets caught. A fight almost breaks out.

He goes close to Fink, and fink punches him because he thinks he is trying to pick his pocket.

Melnor stabs Fink.

Only cuts Fink a little bit, and Lucy stops the fight.

They decide to empty out all their pockets. The real thief is caught, and he runs off into the desert.

Saru gets back first to Ft. Kaylea, and finds that some of the townsfolk from Hope have come to see if they can help.

Sara sits by the wagon, looking depressed, with Jimmi.

Keith and Brudder are playing with a fire sword.

Saru asks where they got that. Brudder tells them a merchant dropped it off, as well as a crate of short swords they are suppose to take to Chantelle.

Saru asks where Reynolds and Nina are, and no one knows. Mandy tells her they were brought to the jailhouse for questioning.

Saru bursts in and demands their release. Mercer isn’t there, but a Caitonian Cleric decides to release them.

Saru gives the a reward and says when she gets money, she will reward them

The rest come back to Ft. Kaylea, and Perrin punches Saru for deserting them.

Queen Bee gives a rousing speech on hope and change in Caitonia.

Hyde, Stagg, and Yakov are on the rooftop. Stagg tells them not to listen to her, that she killed his father.

Hyde says that is the shrimp who threatened me. He says all is forgiven, because a magic mirror made him reall rich.

Half the undecided bandits go with Queen Bee, and the rest stay with Stagg. Animal can’t decide. Epona Girl says she will go wherever Animal goes.

Animal asks the other Heroes of Hope who he should go with.

After listening to their arguements, he decides to go with Melnor and the Heroes of Hope.

Epona Girl tells them the pirates are taking the mirror to Caitonia City, and left about 10 minutes ago. They were told to take it there right away, but a bunch of people went dilly dallying trying to find items to take and sell there, so that is why they left early.

Perrin says sorry to Saru, and says they need her help.

Saru makes a 10000 gp deal with Perrin, and Perrin must serve her.

They decide the mirror is a priority, and the party leaves to catch up with the caravan going to Caitonia City.

They get there, and Saru finds out it wasn’t blink dogs, but there is still a lot of pirates to deal with.

Pink fights valiently in battle, and kills a few enemies.

Saru turns invisible, Perrin runs to the cart, and almost dies. Saru follows beside him, and after a melee where Perrin is tripped and cowered, he manages to get on the cart.

The battle goes on, and Meldox succeeds on a bunch of will saves, and slaughters all the pirate mages.

Perrin gets hit by hideous laughter, and then Saru turns him invisible and charms the cart driver.

The cart circles around, and she charms to make the archer kill one of his own friends.

They recover the mirror.

DOINK DOINK: Justice Undone, and Injustice Double-Crossed, and Seru Wears a Dress.
The thrilling conclusion to the court trial!

Today our story became fractured and wheeled off in many directions. So first, to gain your footing, the locations of our various heroes.

Maldox, Mog and Perrin are in prison after turning themselves in for the assassination of Beedle, leader of the Scarab Bandits. They are to go to trial.

Melnor is at the tavern, as he is not a wanted criminal.

Seru is running from the jail to the tavern to hide, as she is a wanted criminal.

The tale opens on the jailed men. Being led into their cells, they were surprised to see Keith the Mountie and Broder, Bearer of the God-Given Dagger. Keith made lewd gestures at a horse, and Broder insulted a half-orc’s fangs, and they were just winding down after a night in the drunk tank. It was nice seeing them, but they were quickly released, leaving us to stew in our juices.

Emerson the Blacksmith who knows everybody is here! He has found the finest Rules Lawyer in town. The man doesn’t sound exactly confident about defending us, but he’ll take the case. We opt for trial by jury.

At the tavern, Seru is cowering in a back room trying not to be recognized. She gathers Melnor, Pink, and a few other people and they form somewhat of a plan involving killing the Scarab Bandit bartender who got us in jail. Seru also tells Pink to find her a dress, so that she will be less recognizable if she goes out in public. As Melnor is leaving the tavern, he gets some juicy details about a joint meeting of the Black Dragon pirates and Scarab Bandits. They need a banner, and so Mandy the unloved Seamstress and Richard the Loot Manager are recruited to sew a banner so that they can enter this bad guy pep rally.

Then, Melnor shows up at the jail. We pretend not to know him, but he insists that he knows us. One of the guards recognizes him and accuses him of killing a Scarab Bandit during the hit on Beedle. Melnor accuses the guard of taking money from Cyrus to stand guard and not talk about this event. The captain of the guard puts them both in a jail cell. They manage to talk their way out of the cell and Melnor let us know he will try to stack the jury in our favour, as justice in this town appears a little bit broken.

Maldox and Perrin passed the time by playing floor hockey. Mog passed the time by crying in the corner.

Melnor leaves the prison and seeks out Hyde. After performing a favour for Hyde, he agrees to stack the jury. Melnor also takes advantage of knowledge gained in this puzzle to bet on a rigged horse race. Then it’s back to the tavern!

Seru also does some deft trading, solving a puzzle that gets the group what they need to get the banner made in time for the meeting.

By now Seru’s level of paranoia has reached utterly crazed, but everyone eventually returns with what is needed to get into the general meeting of the baddies. The bartender will be there, and that guy needs to get what’s coming to him.


Maldox, Mog and Perrin are led to the courtroom. The trial begins. Cryus’s wife was having an affair with Beedle?! Well no wonder he hired us to kill the guy. Because of the affair, we can’t be implicated in the death of Cyrus!

Our Rules Lawyer makes a rousing speech that inspires even the heroes themselves to believe their innocence. The heroes testify in their favour. Suddenly, a guard bursts into the courtroom and passes out a note announcing that the nobleman Hawkthorne (the entire reason we were in Fort Kaylea) has been assassinated. This doesn’t have much effect on the trial overall. The prosecuting rules lawyer, Derek, basically calls us terrible, law-skirting bloodthirsty killers who should never have trusted the authorities in Fort Kaylea.

And then possibly the shiniest person ever walks in! It’s Sargeant Lucy, and she approaches the justice and asks what is the difference between the heroes and a soldier such as herself? She makes a fabulous speech but it has no effect. Lucy is our new player, Bill!

The Jury makes virtually no deliberations and then declares us guilty. The justice sentences us. Maldox: Life in the Pit. Perrin: 3 years in the Pit. Mog: 1 year in the Pit.

The heroes are shackled and dragged off. Perrin begins to shout, “These men could not protect the good noble Hawkthorne! What makes you think they can protect you?” but he was not diplomatic enough (yes, crit 1) to influence the crowd. And so they were taken to the maximum security prison, to be taken to the Pit on the next morning. Lucy follows them to the prison and attempts to conscript the heroes. The Captain of the guard is hearing nothing of this. Lucy asks to travel with us to the pit and conscript the heroes there and the captain agrees.

Meeting with the Black Dragon

Melnor, Seru, Pink, Hernandez and a few of the other former black dragons go to the meeting. Melnor and Seru are disguised so they will not be recognized. They mill about and get some information. Then the proper festivities begin!
The Scarab Bandits and Black Dragon will be working together. They will loot and pillage like the dickens! And now they have BLINK DOGS! They plan to use the blink dogs to better assault the merchant caravans, after they successfully breed some more blink dogs. Some bandit/pirates are selected to escort the blink dogs to the northern stronghold blink dog love hotel.

The Scarab Bandits and Black Dragons will also work together to ambush the wagon headed for the pit containing the Heroes of Hope! They hate those guys! With their hopeful heroics! Some recruiting goes on, and Seru and Melnor plus entourage all join the party headed to intercept and kill those rascally Heroes of Hope.

Seru, Melnor etc finally get their chance to kill the bartender, to everyone’s great satisfaction. So thank god that’s over. Then, Melnor learns of our guilty verdict and seeks out Hyde. He tries to negotiate some kind of favour that will get the jailed heroes out of the Pit, but Hyde doesn’t know if he can do it. Melnor threatens Hyde, Hyde calls the guard, Melnor is in jail for the second time in one day! But Lucy offers to conscript Melnor and manages to convince the captain that Melnor is some drunk guy and to just let him go in the morning. Somehow, this works.

Road Trip! Destination: THE PIT

Lucy (the gold mini) arrives in the morning and the group is shackled to everything and each other and everything else again, and the wagon. Then the group sets off. There’s someone else on our wagon, Homeboy. Homeboy has a bad feeling about the trip. No shit, Homeboy. We’re going to the pit. He makes us promise to protect him, so we say we will do our best to keep him safe.

The wagon suddenly stops. Half of the guards walk away, and a bag is dropped at our feet. It contains our weapons and armour. Our shackles are unlocked, except for Homeboy’s. Perrin uses a dropped key to unlock Homeboy. The black dragon/scarab bandit group appears.

“We’ll take the prisoners from here”

And that’s where it ends for the day.

Fort Kaylea v Heroes of Hope
Session: January 7 2011

The session started out fairly positive! Things were looking great. In the previous session we had delivered a Nightmare to a Lich hunter, and he wanted to take the party treasure hunting. We needed to take a rest before we left, though. We were winding down our day at the tavern and heard chatter about the killing of Beedle.

The session before, the party was approached by Deputy Sheriff Cyrus. He told us about Beedle, a robber baron and leader of the Scarab Gang. He told us that Beedle was a man with connections, and virtually impossible to jail. He had to be taken out. We took on the quest and took him out, beheading him. We swore an innocent bartender who witnessed this to secrecy.

His definition of secrecy was not the same as ours.

In the morning, we were summoned to Cyrus’s house, where he yelled at us for letting the bartender live and threw a vase at our cleric. A few throwing daggers, some self-administered poison and a self-defenestration later and Cyrus was dead. This also meant there was no one who could vouch for why we took on the elimination of Beedle. City guards carried away his body, giving us a merciful opportunity to escape the house unseen. On our way back to the tavern, we saw guards pasting up wanted posters with our pictures on them.

After some debate, we went to the guard house to ask what the charges were against us and attempt to explain ourselves – that we thought we were doing something within the law, as requested by the law. We were arrested for the trouble.

So we will be starting out the next session in jail. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it to treasure hunting with the Lich guy.

Fairy's Tale

The first, say, hour of this session, it seemed was spent sorting inventory. It was most Cleric who was in charge of it, but they arrived in the rest stop of Ravenstead after a hard fought fight with the Wood Beholder. It looked like the other players were getting pretty bored, but they managed to swing some deals with the merchants travelling with them, and get some money for their items.

The cook (Jerica) asks if she can keep one of the swords, and Swashbuckler decides to train her to use it. He also suggests Brudder upgrade his trusty pocket knife to a sword as well. He reluctantly agrees, and Jimmi points out he had one that Paris gave him.

The Heroes of Hope were wheeling and dealing in the bar, and overheard the conversations between the NPCs.

Hernandez asks his brother to come over here and tell him what’s on the menu.
Nina asks: “Why, can’t you do it yourself? Why do you need your brother?”
Romel: “Well, it’s because my brother can’t read.”
Tawney: Hahahha!! spits out drink “You can’t read? What are you, a simpleton?” More laughter from the other pirates
Hernandez: “Hey man, that’s not cool. I sent money back so you could go to school to learn to read. You should appreciate that”
Romel: “Yeah I do, but Mama-sita taught me how and she told me when she tried to teach you, you just didn’t listen!”

Brudder: I bet you I can drink more than you!
Keith: Maybe, but you can’t drink faster!
Brudder and Keith have a drinking contest, and of course, Trickster joins in, hammering pint after pint of Buddy Ale, and Frisky Whiskey.

Jerica (the cook): I can’t read either.
Reynolds: What? Hahah. Yeah. Nina gives Reynolds a dirty look and smiles
Tawney: Oh come on. You can’t even read a little bit?
Jerica: Well, I can’t read common. I can read Elvan just fine, but I didn’t think I’d be interacting with people outside the woods so much, so I never really took the time to learn.
Romel: So how do you cook stuff if you can’t read a cookbook?
Jerica: Everytime I needed someone to read, I’d just ask my sister Synergy. Besides that, I just get by on a really good photographic memory.
Hernandez: Um…photo-what?
Jerica: I don’t know. It’s something my fortune teller says, and it caught on.
Francine: Well, at least you can read Elvan, not like Hernandez, who can’t read anything! Haha!!

Paris (to Sara): Yeah, my dad owns a bunch of Inns, and he can probably get you some deals in Ft. Kaylea cause he knows a lot of people there. Like his friend Kunitz is a Blacksmith and he can sell me Iron Ingots for 20 gold instead of the 25 you get at most places. It helps that people want to be friends with you. flips hair.

Francine: Hey Mogenhiden, are we allowed to get wasted? I don’t really remember the rules,and I don’t want to become an ex-cleric. Are we also allowed to take part in carnal urges?

Hernandez: Why Francine, who do you have the urges for? Haha!!

After a bit too much to drink, Keith sees Saru sitting on a table, because there do not seem to be any chairs in the bar.

Keith (the NPC with the sobrero) asked her to take off her coat, to which she replied she didn’t have a coat. He then said “Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

Saru then decides to charm him, and tells him the group would really appreciate it if he slept on the ground, outside. Keith agrees with her, and finds a nice patch of dirt outside the bar to lie down.

While this is going on, there is a commotion outside. Stuff is being thrown out of the wagons! A merchant runs into the bar as the rest of the party goes out the check out what is happening.

They are shocked to find a bunch of forest fairies, dressed in white and light blue robes, are trashing their stuff.

The Cleric is able to understand the language, and Emerson runs out and attempts to translate.

In slyvian, the apparent leader of the fairies asks (ha mee nung tie see hew hung) Emerson: who is responsible for forest guardian’s death

Some of the merchants point to Heroes of Hope.

Jerica, Emerson, Harriette can speak the language.

Asks (un hewa, lea haaw hew hung see suu kei) Emerson: why did you kill forest guardian?

Jerica interrupts and says she can speak the language. She says the way they are saying “Forest Guardian” is a term of endearment that refers to a name. In this case, Foster.

more fairies show up, and the players begin to get very nervous.

(hew cun see pina colata kai pen you!) Jerica: Foster was Pina Colada’s pet.
(nung nung see teuw twa jea keu lew!) Jerica: Ummm…we are very pissed off.

Jerica: (leu nung oui heaw kung um maw wea?)

Head Fairy: Yes, we can speak the tongue of the common human.

Another fairy, Pina Colada, grabs Jimmi and says “You are coming with me!!!” Jimmi resists, The leader stops her. “Pina Colata, stop that!” Pina Colada

Saru says that Foster attacked first. The fairies said people say it was them that fired the first shots. The rest of the party seems to be aware of this fact. Saru says their pet was on the road, and disrupting commerce, and was threatening everyone. The lead Fairy, said she didn’t believe him, and that Foster would never harm anyone that left him alone, and would have eventually gone off the road.

One of the fairies is talking to Emerson inside one of the wagons. Emerson looks sad…

The Cleric goes by, and listens in.

“…and she wanted you to have this. To hope you can forgive her, and remember her. She says she regrets the decision her whole life.” She puts a glowing white necklace with a butterfly piece in Emerson’s hand.

The head fairy continues:

“This is unacceptable. We demand compensation! We demand back the flowers of Foster, so that we may give him a proper sending off, as well as 8 ^3 gold pieces.”

The players wonder why they demand money in this particular way, but do not ask.

Saru tells them they can shove it, and she is not giving back the flowers, nor compensating them with any money. The rest of the group groans because of her lack of diplomatic skills.

The head Fairy then says ""We will be waiting for you when you come back around this way! And we will bring two more Octotrees, these ones bigger and nastier than the one you killed!"

The fairies then leave, en masse.

Emerson looks distraught over what he just heard.

Cleric asks him what’s wrong.
“It’s nothing. Just found out about someone who I used to care a great deal about has passed on.”
“She gave me this as her dying request.”
It is a pendant. It looks to be in the shape of a butterfly.
“You can have it….I don’t have any need for it, and it’s a part of my life I’d rather forget.”
“No idea what it does.”

The adventurers go back into the tavern, and Saru buys a round of drinks for everyone at her table. Hernandez says thanks, and he jokes that she is good wife material. Saru protests, and says “I pillage, I rob, and I fight! Do you think that is good wife material?” Hernandez says “Yes, it’s great wife material, if you’re a pirate.” Saru says “I’ll drink to that!” They ram mugs, and down more buddy ale.

Some of the merchant NPCs talk about her behind her back, and how she has made it harder on them to travel through the forest, because they fear harassment from the fairies. She tells them to shut up, because it is them the fairies will be after and not other merchants.

The pirates, and Francine the jewelcrafter sit at one table, and Hernandez mentions that he doesn’t think Perron (the swashbuckler) is a real pirate, in which Romel agreed. They say there is just something off about him, and he doesn’t really talk in the same accent as they do. The Ransakk pirates don’t say anything.

Aaronis, the Paladin who the pirates got addicted to the Marii Tea, asks if he can leave the group, in which the Cleric agrees, and said he is cured. The Cleric, however, warns him of going back to his addiction, and he will charge to cure him next time.

The group pays for their stay at the Inn, and rest through the night and Emerson takes watch over their carts.

The adventurers wake up, and get ready to leave. Most of the merchants have left already, heading off to parts unknown.

They say goodbye to the innkeeper, and start to head off to Ft. Kaylea. The day seems typical, and they make their way through the Nikhei Forest briskly.

Sara the gardener spots some mud flats, and there are some Glooper snails in them.

Sara says: “Poison Princesses sometimes grow in mud flats in this forest. I have 6 of them in my personal collection, but I was wondering if we could maybe pick a few more. If I get 12 of them, I can sell them for a profit.”

The adventurers agree, and move towards the snails. Swashbuckler is the first to charge into the mud, in which Hernandez says he doesn’t think he’s a really smart fighter, because the mud could’ve been really deep. Swashbuckler made a comment on his lack of reading ability. Dwarf fighter charges in, and between them, they dispatch the Gloopers with ease. Sara is pretty confident they have won this fight, so she walks towards the mud flat even before they finish off the last Glooper. She manages to find 6 Poison Princesses, and asks if she can keep them to try and sell.

They go further into the Nikhei Forest, and run into a bunch of what appears to be large, maroon colored roadrunners, with blue glowing tail feathers. Francine says these birds are Trailspringers, and they are long distance relatives of the Phoenix. Their tails glow because they have magical properties, and are highly valued for the magic items that can be created with them.

Swashbuckler says to let’s go ahead and kill them. The Dwarf Fighter and Swashbuckler again, charge in first, but something is wrong. The first bird attacks Dwarf Fighter, but the rest of them instantly attack Swashbuckler. With a combination of pecks, fire, and electricity attacks, Swashbuckler goes down! The Cleric and Sorceress are too far away to help, and the Sorceress decided to turn invisible so she has time to figure out what is going on. The Cleric and Fighter do what they can to try and kill these deadly birds, and eventually succeed, when the oversized roadrunners seem to run out of magic and resort to pecking.

Luckily, no one died, and they continue on their journey. Keith, Brudder, and Rogue (Melnor) stay in the back of the cart, recovering from their hangovers.

The trees of the Nikhei Forest eventually turn into sand dunes, and as they stand on the edge of the forest, Keith speaks…

This is a great desert that stretches beyond the eye can see to the east. The people of Caitonia and the Sacchrin Imperium all come from the east, the heart of civilization. It is where our ancestors came when we got tired of continuous war with the giants. Unfortunately, some of the giants followed us, and we had to kill them off. People call this the Nephilim War.

The winds keep blowing west. They say in about 200 years, the sands will reach the town of Hope and turn most of the Nikhei Forest into a desert. They say nothing can stop it, except maybe the Boa River.

Well, at least maybe it will wipe out all those stupid centipedes. Oh gods, I hate bugs!

We got to be careful crossing this patch. There are a lot of dust storms, giant Sandstriders, and Guardians.

A bunch of Fastcows approach the caravan, taunting them. They are small cows the size of a large hog. Emerson says not to worry, they are seldom hostile, and just enjoy seeing what mischief they can cause. Suddenly a cat that resembles the fastcows, lunges out and grabs one, killing it almost instantly.

Good gods! What was that???

That, my friend, is a Meownix, more commonly referred to as the Acridian Copycat. Look at how similar it looks to a Fastcow. And it takes advantage of this to score it’s next meal.

Francine: Aww, poor cow.

Tawney: haha, serves them right for taunting us.

On the way, they see these humanoid looking things that look like skeletons, walking in groups of 4.

Hey, don’t horses usually go crazy when they see the undead?

Yes. But those aren’t undead creatures, but rather automations from a war fought long ago. They are made of almost pure Tritanium. The armor I could make if I got my hands on Tritanium. But those things are very dangerous, and best avoided.

The adventurers move further along into the heart of the Acridian Expanse, and there is a sandstorm that blows between them and their way to Ft. Kaylea.

They notice a little house to the side of the road, and decide to approach it and ask for shelter. The house seems run down, and has a bunch of Fastcow skins hanging outside as well as a bunch of Fastcows in the pen. Beside the house, there is a run down cart with a missing wheel. The sign out front says “Fur, Meat, and Bones”.

As they approach the door, people seem to be arguing inside…
Mandy: Daddy, you promised! It’s never going to get not-busy enough for you to take me!

Dundee: Mandy, I have work to do, and this order is going to give the family a lot of money. I’m not going to just up and leave here so you can go jaunting on some vacation.

Mandy: I’ve already been stuck here for more than a year! I can’t take this anymore! There is nothing to do and I am not normal!

Dundee: I said I’d take you after this next batch gets completed. You have to be patient dear.

Daria: Mandy, please listen to your father. We need this next batch so we can fix a few things around here.

Mandy: I’ve had enough and I think I’ll go crazy if I spend another minute here.
she bursts out of the front door.

Dundee (following): Mandy, listen to me. If I finish this next batch, we’ll have more money to spend in Fort Kaylea.

Cleric interrupts their conversation and says hello.

They ask for shelter, and the father agrees, sending their horses and carts to the barn, along with most of their travel companions, including Rogue. Dundee says he can accommodated some of them in the house, but the rest will have to stay in the barn. Cleric, Fighter, Swashbuckler, and Sorceress enter the house.

Dundee asks his wife Daria to get them some tea. A few moments later, the room is filled with the smell of the red Royal Tea so well known to people of this region.

The adventurers drink it without checking for any poisons because they trust the fellow.

Dundee introduces himself, and says him and his wife have been out here a long time, and they breed, sell, and raise Fastcows. They make leather out of them, and make a pretty good profit. However, Mandy, their daughter is bored and wants to see the world.

Saru asks for water to give to their friends in the barn, and horses, and the mother helps her. Romel then comments on Hernandez is right, she IS good wife material!

Inside, Dundee says he sees that there are two clerics in this party, and decides he wants them to take her to see the rest of South Caitonia. He will give them 500 gold right now to take her to Ft. Kaylea, and 500 to take her to see Chantelle, and another 500 when they eventually decide to go to Stormfrost.

The party mulls over it, and Swashbuckler fights hard to not take her. He is extremely pissed off that he almost died because of the Centipedes, got tangled up due to the Wood Beholder, and almost died again fighting off those oversized turkeys in the Nikhei Forest, so he decides he is going to be a git because he is in a bad mood.

Eventually, the party decides to take her, much to the chagrin of Swashbuckler.

Hernandez and Tawney come into the house, and say the sandstorm appears to be over and they can probably head to the fort now. Plus, it stinks in the barn. The rest of the party head out of the house, and after checking to see where the sandstorm is headed, decide to embark, once again, to Ft. Kaylea. The father thanks them, and says she is an excellent seamstress,and can pay her own way. Mandy replies and says it’s because she had nothing else to do. He gives the party 4 fastcow leathers, and gives Mandy the same, in case she needs the money for some reason.

The adventurers head off once again, and as they approach Ft. Kaylea, Richard gives them a bit of a history lesson.

Do you guys know why Ft. Kaylea was built? Because it is the King’s last stand in case Caitonia City gets overrun. It is out in the middle of the desert, with no water for miles and miles. The only water available come from underground springs inside the city gates.
Water has some value here. It’s not rare or anything, but don’t be wasting it, or people get agitated.

Keith: It’s also home to the Ft. Kaylea Archives. The King’s spy network keeps records of everybody it can. Everybody here probably has a file on them somewhere in the great library.

Ft. Kaylea can be a dangerous place, and the guards really don’t care about anybody. Most of them are here as either punishment for something they did, or are just so disagreeable or incompetent that there is no other place for them in the kingdom. Ft. Kaylea is a dead end job……..It’s also where I grew up. the group laughs at this Don’t go into the back alleys. Stay on the main Merchant Road .

Jerica and Sara protest.
“Aww!” “Um…but there are some really good shops back in the alleys.”

Emerson: “Then don’t explore the back alleys alone, and try and bring weapons with you if you want to visit the shops back there. And definitely avoid it after sundown.”

“Good advice. You should listen to this man.”

Emerson then raises his voice a little.
“Ok, fellows. I’m not about to leave our carts unattended, so before you all go off galavanting to parts unknown, I’ve set up a schedule where some of us will watch the carts while the rest can go on their merry way and explore the city. Hernandez, Romel, Tawney, and Brudder are on the first watch”

Hernandez: "Hey man, I’d like to kick it with Reynolds and Nina. Can you put them with us?

Emerson: Ok, if you want to pull guard duty with them, then I can arrange that.

Romel: sigh Why do we get first watch?

Emerson: Well, do you guys like to shop or party in the taverns? If you want to be stuck on watch during the night while everyone else is having a good time, that can be arranged…

Romel, Nina: “No! No! We’ll take first watch”

Francine: I’ll take watch with the first group please.

Emerson: Ok, second watch will be Keith, Brudder, Jerica, and Sara

Sara: Ok, that’s fine. We don’t really like to party too much anyways.
Jerica: We can probably get our shopping done earlier too.

Emerson: Last watch will be me, Richard, and Jimmi.

Emerson then turns to Fighter, Rogue, Swashbuckler, Sorceress, and Cleric.

That will let you guys go explore the city without having to worry about having our stuff stolen. Good luck with your meeting with Hawkthorn.

They enter the gates of Ft. Kaylea, and many people seem to know Emerson as they approach and say hello. A man in a red apron approaches the caravan, and greets Emerson.

Hey guys, this is Kunitz. He and I go way back, and we’re brothers in blacksmithing.

Pleased to meet you!

Paris: Hi Kunitz!

Kunitz: Hi dear. You look as ravishing as ever! How is dad?

Paris “He’s good, but busy.” “Guys, if you ever need more Iron Ingots, Kunitz can get you a deal on them.”

Emerson takes off with to his friend Kunitz.

When they round the corner, they also notice a sign. It says, in bold letters:

“We Reserve The Right To Punish Magic Casters Severely.”


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