Episode 1 - Four Kobalds and a Funeral

1st Week (June 25,2010)

The story starts off with four adventurers heading to the town of Hope, in the middle of South Caitonia. They do not know each other, but they are all there for a funeral. A man named Harold had passed away, beaten by a group of bandits, and that man has a connection to each adventurer, somehow. Some adventurers have parents who knew Harold, while others shared their life with him in some way. I gave each of them a backstory, but they haven’t really chosen to share it with the rest of the group.

Anyways, they get into town, and they hear there are bandits in the area, pillaging and taking from travelers. They go to the tavern/inn, where they meet each other. It is the night before the funeral, but the town has a little problem. A group of Kobalds had gone and overtaken the town mine, so the miners had been out of work for three days. Duncan, the barkeep, said he lost a ring in the mines while delivering some food up there. The ring is important because Harold gave it to him as a keepsake long ago. He asks the adventurers to go and clear the mine of the Kobalds if they are up to the challenge. The reward is three nights free stay and all meals and drinks on the house. After spending a bit more in the bar, the Rogue gets very drunk because he did not spend much money on equipment and decided to spend it on ale instead. Jesse, the attractive red haired barmaid, keeps it coming, just to see how much this halfling Rouge can handle.

The adventurers get greedy, and go see the owner of the mine, an old guy named Gilbert. They ask if there is any reward for clearing the mine for him, since it is his mine, and he’d want to get it up and running again. After hemming and hawing, he finally agrees to give them 400 gold for doing this for him. To the Rouge, it is not enough, and he asks for even more. He wants enough Iron Ore to make two breastplates of armor. Gilbert gets a little annoyed and finally is strong armed into agreeing.

They go and ask a few miners some questions, but don’t find anything new, except for the mention of an old alchemy lab that is in there, that no one has touched. It was here before their time, and since they were always busy mining, they just ignored it and locked it back up.

The adventurers head towards the mine, which is a brisk walk from the edge of town. The go into the mine and are instantly attacked by two Kobalds. Kobalds are tiny dinosaur men about the size of a Hobbit. They are dispatched easily by the Dwarf Palidin, Dwarf Cleric, Halfling Rogue, and Elvan Sorcerer.

They make their way through a few more rooms, killing Kobalds along the way, until they get to a door with a very rusted lock on it. The sign says “Friends Welcome, Enemies, Beware!” After listening to the door and detecting it for traps, they break it down and find an alchemy lab.

There are some magical spots in this room, and they find the ring they were looking for in one of the drawers filled with books. On the table, there are a few scrolls, and some powders and potions. In the corner of the room, however, there is a mirror. When they look into the mirror, a woman appears. She says she is trapped in the mirror, and has been there for years. She got to know the sorcerer who was working here, but didn’t know much about his experiments. She also warns them of a small dragon in the chambers deeper in the mine. After taking all they can they decide to head back into town.


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