Thistle Sting

- the heroes come back from the cave.

- they see a group of swiftcows. and a mound in the sand moving towards the group. It pops up, and catches one, stinging it.
Sandstrider. Perrin charge attacks it. Perrin, Meldox, and Mog make short work of it. Saru decides to give it to Josh and Rayna, since they wanted one. Rayna says they can’t eat it, but they can use the hide.

- They move onto the second square, and there are three Meownixes eating a Swiftcow. They move on.

- They move to the next square, and see four people. Two of them look competent, and shoot a swiftcow dead.

- Saru thinks Josh and Rayna could join them, since they are hunting swiftcows, and could use help.

- Saru asks Josh to approach and ask them. Josh does so.

- Saru, she goes and strikes up a conversation. They are the two archers, Xavier and Winston.

- they are hired to help people who can’t hunt swiftcows to hunt swiftcows.

- saru says why dont they teach the others. Winston says there is no money in that.

- xavier is friendly, while winston is a snob.

- they say they recognize the guy in the huge armor.

- Meldox remmebrs them, and they are from the potential dinosaur hunt, but all that crazyness in Lyons happened before they could do it.

- he asks them if they saw any wood beholders on theway here. trees that walk and talk, and that’s just not right. xavier says he is familiar with them. and probably not to call them wood beholders, as the fairies get very offended that peple would refer to their pets as beholders. to call them octo trees.

- rayna and cherry say since the two men can carry a swiftcow each, they could hunt one more for both women to carry. Saru reprimands them for being weak and relying on men.

- they decide to head back to town and see if maybe there are more swiftcows on the way.

When the Heroes of Hope get back to the city, they see Hernandez lying on the ground on a merchant rug, and several people surrounding him, including some of the citizens of Hope. There is a white puddle that the horses are licking up.
Hernandez seems to be barely awake. Jesse is also sitting there, dazed.

Harriette (to Emerson): Those fool kids. I can’t believe how stupid they make them these days. Lucky the profit from that other trade will offset my losses. I should make you guys carry my table back to Hope on foot as punishment!

Animal: Ah-Hahahahaha!!!

Romel: Hey man, I got to write this down. How did it feel?

Hernandez: ……

Romel: Bro and that red haired girl got bitten by one of those Thistle Snakes.

Harriette: You won’t believe how it happened! I get angry just thinking about it!! She walks away to inside the cart.

Tawney: I don’t know if we should say. You guys will lecture us.

Jesse: Nooo……don’t.
Francine: No, don’t tell them. Please don’t tell them.

Animal: Ohh man, you should totally tell them! They missed out on a lot!
Epona Girl 69: Yeah, I missed the whole thing too! I can’t believe it!
Animal: If you won’t tell them, then I’m gonna tell them!

Nina: Hernandez got bitten on purpose.

Romel: It was a dumb argument. I blame Jesse.

Terri: Ok, I’ll tell you guys. But promise not to get mad at Hernandez?

Terri: He did it cause Jesse told him to do it. Jesse was still mad at Hernandez for trying to kidnap her the last time those pirates were in our town. She finally decided to confront Hernandez. She walked up to him and threw a rock at him really hard, and then they got into a huge argument.

Romel: Yeah, she said he hadn’t been served his just desserts for that yet, but he argued back that she almost killed him with that poison in his lunch. He spent the rest of the day dry-hurling in that jail and then on the way to Chantelle. He thought that was enough punishment but Jesse didn’t agree. So he asked her what other punishment would make her happy and they could call it even.

Animal: Hahahaha!!!! This is the best part!!

Terri: So Jesse says if he got poisoned again, badly, that would even it out. And he agreed.

Reynolds: Umm….don’t mention me ok guys?

Terri looks at Reynolds and rolls her eyes.

Terri: So then SOME body, said that he heard from SOME people in the tavern that there was this snake in the desert that looked like tumbleweed. Called the Tumble Snake or something.

Reynolds: Thistlesn catches himself nevermind.

Terri: Yeah, Thistlesnake! So Hernandez asked Rey…..I mean, this guy, who gave him this information, how poisonous it was. In which “this guy – this person” said he didn’t think it was that poisonous, or people here would have been talking about it more.

Nina: In other words, it was just a complete uneducated guess. Nina glares angrily at Reynolds.

Terri: So anyhow….Hernandez agrees to go looking for one, and get bitten by one to satisfy Jesse. We found one just a short walk outside the city.

Animal: That was so cool man! Let me tell this part!!!

Animal: Hernandez goes and looks nervously at the tumbleweed, and looks back at me, and then looks back at the tumbleweed. He asks me if that really is a snake. Then, when everyone is talking, I go BAM! and scare everybody! But the snake must’ve gotten scared too, because then it jumps out and bites Hernandez right in the arm!!

Terri: Jesse feels terrible about it, and runs to try and get the snake off, just as it starts to coil around him.

Animal: I was laughing my ass off, so I couldn’t help!

Terri: Then Jesse got bitten too.

Francine: Yeah, it was horrible. We walked back to town, and I was casting cure light wounds the whole way back.

Terri: Luckily, the snake used up most of its venom on Hernandez, so Terri could still walk back to town alright. We had to carry Hernandez.

Nina: Yeah, and that old lady with us is pissed, because she had to use a Neutralize Poison potion on Hernandez, and those, she said, are really expensive. She also had to use a delay poison on Jesse.

Animal: Hahaha!! Hernandez must’ve hurled twice by now. Se that big puddle by the horses? That’s ALL from Hernandez. There are little chunks of cabbage in there.

Terri: So I guess Hernandez and Jesse are even now.

Romel: I have the Caitonia monster manual at home, but it doesn’t say what happens when people get bit by certain things. It just tells you if the animal can kill you or not. So I am documenting everything and I’m gonna make my own notes as to what each creature’s bite does and how it feels. The Tumblesnake makes people feel really sick to the stomach, and causes vomiting. Even with a neutralize poison potion.

Harriette: The Neutralize Poison Potion induces vomiting you idiot! How else do you think it helps gets rid of some types of poisons?

Romel: Oh…..sorry, old lady.

Harriette: You guys owe me a potion!

Romel: So I’m gonna write down how each person feels when they get bitten. I was wondering if anyone got bitten on this last trip?
Romel looks hopefully at Perrin

Hernandez: Ugggg…..ask Perrin to come here.

Hernandez: You should know……I asked you all those other times because my brother didn’t want to ask too much, but you were the one that just kept getting bitten.

Jimmi: Oh, by the way, news is that the sherff of this town has returned. I had heard Lucy wanted to talk to him about something?

Epona Girl 69 has devised a plan. She has been scouting out houses. 4 empty ones, and wants to break and enter. Lucy says they are soldiers now, and it wouldn’t look so great.

Jimmi says the Sheriff is back in town and Lucy had something he wanted to talk to him about? Lucy said she is on the way but wants to talk to Hernandez, Romel, etc. first.

He tells them about the death of Melnor. They are saddened. He shows them Melnor’s sword and she will cherish it. Animal asks if he can have it. Lucy says something like that must be earned. Animal says I’ll trade you. Lucy asks what he has. Animall says he has whips and chains, if she’s into that.

- Perrin goes to see Gwendy to buy a harry potter robe. After some small talk, he is fitted with a scholar’s robe. He says she has made it clear there is nothing between them, and would like a robe. In the end, Gwendy says she would like to say goodbye to them when they leave.

Alistor, the blue haired elf who asked Saru on a date, returns and says he was waiting for her. Keith steps in and comments that Saru looks nice today. Saru puts her hand up to Keith’s face and says she is talking to someone right now. Keith is hurt badly by this.

- Perrin goes to get a new chain shirt. They guy doesn’t get out much. He tries hard to get a discount.

- Lucy talks to sherff, sherff apolgizes.

- says they lost control of the pit. Gives posters to her. One of the people is Barthos.

- Saru goes on date with Alistor.

- she convinces him to spend more money than usual . they have a dinner on merchant alley.

- he asks her to come home with him. saru thinks the worst, but he has to check in on someone – a kid. it is not his.

saru goes to his home. there are people lying on the couch, strewn out. a kid named bailey is there.
—asks about mother. he can;t remember.
- she hears about a job regarding killing queen bee’s allies.

- she convinces alistor to not be with staggs group as he will be killed.

- saru runs back to the group and says they have to leave now.

- lucy runs to get weapons with Meldox.

- they give new armor and weapons to hernandez and group and prepare for battle.



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