Succor Punch

Jan 29, 2011

Queen Bee and Saru talk later that night, Saru offers an alliance between the Ransakk pirates and Scarab Bandits

Queen Bee tells her about Pink’s son and his disease.

They start off in Queen Bee’s cave.

Hawkthorn is leaving. He brings Perrin along

Saru punches Pink for not being honest with her.

After talking about it, they say they are even.

Hawkthorn decides to go ahead with his plan as is.

Perrin and Hawkthorn get to Caitonia City.

Phillipe is having an arguement with his wife, Lady Genevieve.

Garrison gives Perrin a story as to where he was for the last two days.

Genevieve thinks her husband Phillipe sent Perrin on a secret mission.

Perrin answers all of her questions and doesn’t make a mistake.

Perrin sees his mother who asks her if he has met a nice girl yet. He tells them about Gwendy.

Mother asks when he is bringing her back.

Garrison gives him a mission. They are being invited to a party in Chantelle, honoring the Heroes of Hope.

Perrin decides not to be a historian and wants to be a servent. He takes some worker clothes.

They are suppose to get the thoughts on who is supporting seperation from 5 different business people.

Perrin returns to the cave.

A hawk comes into the cave and delivers them a message. They have their pardons.

They start off back to Ft. Kaylea

They encounter some fastcows. Saru tries to get them to go to her. They mock her. Perrin and Melnor circle around.

Perrin is jumped by a Sandstrider and it successfull stings him.

They fight off the sandstrider as a terrorbeak approaches.

Saru and the rest get into an arguement and she calls a mount and rides off.

Saru encounters a dead man. She checks it out and recognizes him as one of the guys she charmed back in the battle to free them from the wagon.

She drops him.

The rest of the group runs into a bunch of people arguing. They all accuse Fink of stealing their money.

Melnor picks a one of the halflin merchant’s pocket, and finds some silver. He is trying to determine who stole the money.

He doesn’t think that was the guy, so he tries to put it back. He gets caught. A fight almost breaks out.

He goes close to Fink, and fink punches him because he thinks he is trying to pick his pocket.

Melnor stabs Fink.

Only cuts Fink a little bit, and Lucy stops the fight.

They decide to empty out all their pockets. The real thief is caught, and he runs off into the desert.

Saru gets back first to Ft. Kaylea, and finds that some of the townsfolk from Hope have come to see if they can help.

Sara sits by the wagon, looking depressed, with Jimmi.

Keith and Brudder are playing with a fire sword.

Saru asks where they got that. Brudder tells them a merchant dropped it off, as well as a crate of short swords they are suppose to take to Chantelle.

Saru asks where Reynolds and Nina are, and no one knows. Mandy tells her they were brought to the jailhouse for questioning.

Saru bursts in and demands their release. Mercer isn’t there, but a Caitonian Cleric decides to release them.

Saru gives the a reward and says when she gets money, she will reward them

The rest come back to Ft. Kaylea, and Perrin punches Saru for deserting them.

Queen Bee gives a rousing speech on hope and change in Caitonia.

Hyde, Stagg, and Yakov are on the rooftop. Stagg tells them not to listen to her, that she killed his father.

Hyde says that is the shrimp who threatened me. He says all is forgiven, because a magic mirror made him reall rich.

Half the undecided bandits go with Queen Bee, and the rest stay with Stagg. Animal can’t decide. Epona Girl says she will go wherever Animal goes.

Animal asks the other Heroes of Hope who he should go with.

After listening to their arguements, he decides to go with Melnor and the Heroes of Hope.

Epona Girl tells them the pirates are taking the mirror to Caitonia City, and left about 10 minutes ago. They were told to take it there right away, but a bunch of people went dilly dallying trying to find items to take and sell there, so that is why they left early.

Perrin says sorry to Saru, and says they need her help.

Saru makes a 10000 gp deal with Perrin, and Perrin must serve her.

They decide the mirror is a priority, and the party leaves to catch up with the caravan going to Caitonia City.

They get there, and Saru finds out it wasn’t blink dogs, but there is still a lot of pirates to deal with.

Pink fights valiently in battle, and kills a few enemies.

Saru turns invisible, Perrin runs to the cart, and almost dies. Saru follows beside him, and after a melee where Perrin is tripped and cowered, he manages to get on the cart.

The battle goes on, and Meldox succeeds on a bunch of will saves, and slaughters all the pirate mages.

Perrin gets hit by hideous laughter, and then Saru turns him invisible and charms the cart driver.

The cart circles around, and she charms to make the archer kill one of his own friends.

They recover the mirror.



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