Mergers & Acquisitions

Back in the cave… Seru punches Pink in the face! Because she wants to save Pink’s kid from a wasting disease!

Homeboy and Perrin go to Caitonia City. Perrin sees his dad (Phillip?), gets a quest, settles a married couple’s argument with lies and sees his ma. No, ma, I’m not married yet.

Homeboy stays in Caitonia City to gather favour with the nobles for when he makes his big dramatic announcement.

Perrin returns and a messenger hawk brings a note stating that Hawkthorne has secured our pardons. So we travel to Fort Kaylea! On the way there is a sandstrider ambush that hurts Perrin a lot.

And we also were going to distract/fight some chocobos but then Seru conjured a mount and booked it back to Kaylea.

We come upon a group of adventurers fighting about stolen money. Perrin tries talking to them. Menor pickpockets one a guy named Fink, puts the money back, gets caught and then stabs Fink. Perrin leaves Melnor to solve his own problems. Lucy & Meldox step up and Lucy just talks at them until they surrender and leave Melnor alone. Lucy comvinces all the adventurers to empty ALL their pockets with Meldox hovering menecingly behind. The guilty thief is found when he empties way too much silver than his share, and flees into the desert. They (the other adventurers) split up the thief’s silver and depart. This was a pretty good thing so I think we get a moral pass on our next assassination attempt.
This is your horse…. this is your horse ON DRUGS. *

Back in Fort Kaylea, Melnor learns that Blonde Ambition was not that ambitious on race day. He lost the 120 pg bet on the horse races. The NPCs are playing with wildly expensive weaponry that is not intended for them. It was intended for Melnor but the sword is too large for him to use. So Lucy rents it from him at 100gp a month. Perrin punches Seru because she ran off and abandoned him. Seru takes off. (It was a good punch (crit?), too. For posterity’s sake.)

Queen Bee collects the skeeziest of skeezes and impresses them with her alliance with us. Our reputation grew three sizes that day. Also I didn’t take a photo of this historic moment. Queen Bee keeps her power play by saying that she could have taken us prisoner but chose not to. Thanks, jerk.

Animal walks around asking us all why he should join us.
Melnor: I’m a powerful black dragon so you should join us
Perrin: I don’t particularly care, but if you love money you should join us
Lucy: If you join us you’ll pay less taxes.
Meldox: Yeah they feed us, treat us pretty good.
So Animal joins us. Queen Bee is disappointed that the revolution will take more than 5 minutes. Animal mentions that the black dragon are setting up atea house in Caitonia, and our magic mind controlling tea mirror is gone!

Perrin grovels for Seru’s forgiveness so that they can go get the mirror, and Seru essentially makes Perrin her employee for the next 6 years or until Perrin can raise 10,000gp. So, employed it is. But anyway she’s coming back and we’re getting that mirror! Melnor reminds his dudes not to play with the expensive goddamn swords, because they’re not toys, and if you break it you buy it.

*Stop That Mirror! *

Off we go to find this mirror so that it doesn’t make our life even more of a hell than it already was before. We fought a couple of huge Desert Razor Wings (Ostriches on steriods with wings that can cut a horse in two!) and then we found the black dragon convoy with the mirror! And they totally saw us there was no sneaking.

Lucy, Meldox, Melnor, Pink and Perrin charged. Seru vanished. Perrin kept charging and they kept fighting. A Black Dragon provoked Lucy, resulting in many insulting comments from her. Perrin almost made it to the wagon, but got onto the wagon, but taken out by a dude with a whip and a few scare stares and a Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. What was Tasha’s problem, anyway. But Seru saved him!

ROWL: Rolling On Wagon, Laughing

The fighting line kept the majority of the black dragons distracted so that the wagon could be controlled with a well-timed charm from Seru. Perrin got kicked out of the wagon and ran off to fight some archers, assisting Meldox in his trail of bloodied spellcasters. Magebane Maldox cut a swath through no less than three spell casters, while Lucy, Melnor and Pink took out the heavily armed and armoured Black Dragon Warlords (with many insults). Mog did his best to keep us all alive, which he was very successful at because we all lived! We have the wagon, we have the horse, we have the mirror. Success?



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