Plan Bee

It’ll all be okay. After all, we have a plan!

The battle begins! Homeboy is terrified and we have to keep telling him he’ll be okay if he’ll just shut up and sit in the wagon. Pipe down, Homeboy! It was a pitched battle, but the heroes of hope started with momentum and kept it up, winning the day. After the battle, a guard killed another corrupt guard out of nowhere, and Homeboy revealed himself to be Hawkthorne! He faked his own death, you guys! I don’t know how he did it because he doesn’t seem like the swiftest dude in town. Homeboy has a hideout and he invites us to it. On the way, he tells us of his plan to liberate South Caitonia.

We get to the hideout and Queen Bee is there! And she and Homeboy are totally An Item! And Homeboy proudly tells us of his plan to hand us over to Queen Bee so that she can parade us through Fort Kaylea as her prisoners!


Thanks to some epic diplomacy, we convince Queen Bee that she really definitely should not do this thing. Our reputation cannot survive being prisoners twice in one week. And so she agrees to present us to Fort Kaylea as her partners in the South Caitonia uprising.

Hawkthorne will not be going with us. First, he will travel to Caitonia City and tell Philippe, the Earl of Chantelle, that the revolution will soon be underway. He is going to pardon the heroes of hope and then kick off the revolution by entering the halls of the king’s court and announcing it. This will get him killed and he will not hear otherwise.

Perrin asks to travel with Homeboy to Caitonia City so he can speak with Philippe, as he is part of the family that has served Philippe’s and he would like to deliver this message with Homeboy. Also, Homeboy is entirely likely to get himself killed by anyone with a plan, as he seems to approve of a plan no matter what the terms are.



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