Hyde and Seek

This is just a brief summary, in point form, of what happened.

After the adventurers kill off the pirates and take back the magic mirror, they walk back to town, with the cart and horse.

Pink asks what sort of stuff she should concentrate on. Queen Bee always tells her she has a knack for fighting, and all she really wants is another thug, but Pink has an interest in pursuing wizardry.

Most of the party tell her they think this party could use a good wizard.

They face three Meownixes, and they also spot a body way over.

Perrin quickly runs into the middle to intercept the Meownixes and is beset upon. A cat takes a bite into his rump, and Perrin becomes diseased as a result (Pink says Meownixies usually deficate on their kills and then later come back to eat).

Meldox cuts a cat in half with two swings from his dwarven waraxe.

Melnor runs towards the body, and sees if it is alive. He determines that it is dead, and then searches the pockets.

They fight off the cats, and Moginhedin and Perrin get diseased because of the bite.

Two cats die, but one flees.

The adventurers, Moginhedin, Melnor, Meldox, Saru, Perrin, Lucy, and Pink get back into town.

Saru, Lucy, and Pink decide to visit the bar and talk (PCs Saru and Lucy absent, Pink minion of Saru).

Melnor tells the rest of his crew about the battle.

Hernandez asks Perrin what it felt like to get into a cat fight and be bitten by a meownix, as he had never met anyone bitten by one before. Perrin is flipant to Hernandez (could it be the disease??)

Melnor asks about info regarding Hyde.

Hernandez and group says he is at a party at his mansion, but it is a gated community.

Melnor leaves rest of the party and brings along Animal, Epona Girl, Tawney, Hernandez, Francine, and Romel along.

Melnor tells Francine (the LG? halfing cleric) she probably shouldn’t be there because she might not like what they are going to do.

Hernandez says they can’t just abandon her, and asks to spend time with her.

Melnor sends Epona Girl 69 to look for a pass to the gated community. Epona Girl points out that this isn’t an easy thing to get. Most people who have a pass own a house inside the community, and would want to know why they want to use it. Still, Melnor insists, and Epona Girl goes on her way to track one down.

Melnor then takes Tawney aside and talks to her about poisons. She asks why he needs it, and Melnor says it is to kill Hyde with. She agrees that Hyde is a bad person, and wouldn’t mind him being killed, and tells him there is a super poisonous snake called a thistle snake out in the desert. However, the poison must be injected, and Melnor says it won’t work, as he needs an ingested one.

Epona Girl 69 says she found someone with a pass, but he wants a Magic Skull as an item for exchange. Melnor says forget that, and wonders what else to do.

Melnor then decides to send his raven to find a pass. The raven can get over the wall easily and look for anyone who may have one. It can then attempt to pickpocket the person.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

The adventurers gather together, and Hernandez says a guard was asking about them. Apparently, they need to get their pardons processed.

The Heroes of Hope are wary of the guards in the town, so they try to decided if they should go and risk get thrown in prison again.

Perrin decides to go meet Gwendy. Gwendy, and Perrin make small talk, but she seems distant. Gwendy asks if they really murdered Beetle, and Perrin admits that they did, but he was a bad man. Perrin says they were pardoned by Hawkthorn, and asks if they can trust the town guards to honor that. Gwendy says if it was really signed by a nobleman, she doesn’t see anything that might go wrong. Perrin says he will return with his pardon and show her.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

The party is still reluctant to go to the jailhouse. Moginhedin outlines his distrust authority figures and their interpretation of ‘law’ to Perrin, Meldox. Perrin and/or Moginhedin ask Emerson to go and check it out, to make sure everything is on the up and up. Emerson leaves to see what’s up at the jailhouse.

Melnor’s group

The raven returns, but does not find a pass. However, it keeps pointing to an old man walking around the street. Melnor’s familiar returns again and tells Melnor he couldn’t pickpocket a pass from the old man. The pass is in his pocket, which has a button. He finds out that Epona Girl 69 is a really good pickpocket (did Melnor check his pursue??). Animal suggests maybe they should just beat the old man senseless and take the pass. However, Tawney said she joined Black Dragon to try and look after her brother, who is now dead, and will leave if they become no better than the pirates they are suppose to be fighting. Romel affirms her that is not the way they will roll, and they will have to find another way.

The old man sits down on a park bench. A blond lady sits beside him. The old man begins some small talk, and eventually asks the girl to go for drinks with him. She calls him an old pervert and she leaves in disgust.

The encounter inspires Melnor. He devises a plan to have Epona Girl disguise herself, then pick the old man’s pocket. Melnor casts some spells, and alters her hair color and shirt. Epona Girl makes small talk, and then bails when the old man asks her out for drinks, saying she has to go home and get something. She has to go back and ask which pocket it is. Raven tells her, as she reprimands the group for not giving her all the details. She leaves with the old man, and while he has his back turned, she successfully pickpockets the pass.

Already getting what she needed from gramps, Epona Girl 69 says “kthx bai” and ditches him. Gramps runs after her, and when the group sees him approaching, they quickly scatter.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

Emerson returns to say it looks like everything checks out.

They go to the jailhouse, and the pardons are signed. They tell the guard Saru is sick and they will bring a copy for her to sign.

Guard makes joke that they are now under arrest(?) but he was just joking, much to the relief of Moginhedin.

Katy, a debilitator sorceress guard, is annoyed that she has to use one of her spells to make photocopies. Another guard thinks she is acting a bit like a spoiled princess and suggests she drink a potion to calm herself.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

There are people waiting for them to do two cave missions, one is Professor Barthos, and the other is Archibald.

Perrin is cross with them because they just got put through the ringer, and he is pissed they seem so impatient to get everything done. 5 battles before dinner does that to adventurers.

They both agree that their missions can wait, and decide to meet at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea tomorrow.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

They help Harriette out with her deal for the Biomimic Gel. This encounter has all the shades of Miami Vice drug deal (just needed Perrin in a pink shirt and feathered hair, Meldox bear chested Latino style, and Mog in mirrored aviator sunglasses). The bandits draw their swords after the deal is done. They want their gel back and to keep the money. Moginhedin (queue taking off the shades) threatens them, and Harriette asks them if they want to have to deal with the Heroes of Hope. The bandit leader’s lips start to tremble (dirtbag), and he tells them he’s never heard of them (lying?, since they out numbered us). He reluctantly tells Harriette it was nice doing busisness with her, and concludes the deal by turning away.

Back at the entrance to Ft. Kaylea

Jimmi says Sara has been depressed for the last few days. Mushrooms got stolen from the cart, and Sara feels bad, because mushrooms were used to try and kill Hawkthorn. She thinks some of the pirates in town did it, and Reynolds and Nina overhear her. An NPC argument ensues, and Nina calls Sara a bitch. Perrin settles the arguement down, and tells Nina and Reynolds to shut up.
The two Ransakk pirates walk away, mumbling under their breath about how Perrin isn’t even a real pirate. Hernandez thinks maybe a pirate stole it and tried to kill Hawkthorn.
Perrin tells Hernandez that they are pirates, but Hernandez says he meant the bad pirates.
Jimmi said he remembers hearing about a pirate who was found dead in an alley with 3 poison princesses in his bag. After some discussion, the party agrees that they’ve had a tough few days, and they would look bad if they tried to interrogate everyone. Meldox offers to compensate Sara for the mushrooms but she says she would feel bad for taking it, and she would rather the money go to helping fight off the pirates. The adventurers decide to call a meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Moginhedin will cast a zone of truth, and ask everyone if they stole the mushrooms.

At Gwendy’s Tailor shop

Perrin goes and sees Gwendy again, showing her the pardon and bringing her a swiftcow burger.
She still gives him the cold shoulder. Perrin says they are going to be leaving in the next little while, and she should come say goodbye.

Melnor’s group

Melnor and his group with Animal, Tawney, Romel, and Epona Girl get into the gated community with the ‘liberated’ pass from the old man. They go and see Hyde’s house and see people coming and going. Melnor sends his raven to see how they can get into the party. The Raven (Melnor we need a name for your familiar) finds out it is a guest list. However, the crow cannot read.
Melnor decides to make small talk with some people outside. He gets the names of three guys and two girls. Epona Girl points out dispel rod on the ground at entrance.They are able to enter. Hyde is sitting in his living room, talking to a bunch of merchants. Animal, Epona Girl, Romel, and Tawney block Melnor from view. Melnor casts a disguise self spell. Suddenly, there is a loud, low pitched wail, one of the jars on a stand moans, and Melnor’s spell fails. This brings it to the attention of everyone, and Melnor tries to bluff Hyde. Hyde boots him out. Melnor tries to sneak around through a window, but a guard catches him. Roland tells the guard to keep a close eye on Melnor and follow him around. Melnor, can’t shake the guard, even with multiple bribes, and decides to quit with his plan.

They decide to rest for the night.



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