Fort Kaylea v Heroes of Hope

Session: January 7 2011

The session started out fairly positive! Things were looking great. In the previous session we had delivered a Nightmare to a Lich hunter, and he wanted to take the party treasure hunting. We needed to take a rest before we left, though. We were winding down our day at the tavern and heard chatter about the killing of Beedle.

The session before, the party was approached by Deputy Sheriff Cyrus. He told us about Beedle, a robber baron and leader of the Scarab Gang. He told us that Beedle was a man with connections, and virtually impossible to jail. He had to be taken out. We took on the quest and took him out, beheading him. We swore an innocent bartender who witnessed this to secrecy.

His definition of secrecy was not the same as ours.

In the morning, we were summoned to Cyrus’s house, where he yelled at us for letting the bartender live and threw a vase at our cleric. A few throwing daggers, some self-administered poison and a self-defenestration later and Cyrus was dead. This also meant there was no one who could vouch for why we took on the elimination of Beedle. City guards carried away his body, giving us a merciful opportunity to escape the house unseen. On our way back to the tavern, we saw guards pasting up wanted posters with our pictures on them.

After some debate, we went to the guard house to ask what the charges were against us and attempt to explain ourselves – that we thought we were doing something within the law, as requested by the law. We were arrested for the trouble.

So we will be starting out the next session in jail. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it to treasure hunting with the Lich guy.



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