Episode 3 - Inglorious Bandit

July 9, 2010

This week’s episode starts off with the villagers of Hope recovering from the bandit invasion. The bandit who tried to kidnap Jesse had been put to sleep by the Sorcerer. He quickly goes and unties her, then uses the ropes to tie the bandit. Another bandit had some critical wounds, but he was stabilized.

The town elders meet in the middle of the square. They talk about holding an emergency meeting, but decide it is too early. The two pirates have been dragged off to jail, and someone needs to interrogate them. Duncan’s wife Michele, the head cook at the Wise Owl’s Tavern and Inn, says she wants to go too, because she wants to see the bandit bleed. Gunmarr, one of the dwarf miners, says as soon as they were attacked, he had sent a carrier pigeon to the town of Chantelle, telling them to send help, and it would be a few hours before he would hear any word back. That, along with the villagers all being in various conditions of pain and injury, makes them decide to postpone the meeting till noon, at the tavern.

Duncan heads towards the outpost, with the adventurers, except the Cleric, in tow. He is busy helping out the injured people, now gathered by a house with white flowers painted on it. He patches up wounds and heals people as needed.

On the way to teh outpost, Jesse asks Sorcerer if he was the one who put the pirate to sleep. He tells her that yes, indeed he was the one. She asks him to walk slower so she can talk to him for a bit.

Terri waves to Jesse, then approaches the Rogue. She tells him she has a treasure chest that her grandmother has in her house, and she has not been able to get it open for years. And since he is a rogue, if he could help her. The rogue agrees, and they head off to Terri’s grandmother’s house.

The Paladin, Fighter, and Wizard reach the outpost, where Paol is tending to the pirate leutenant’s wounds. He looks to be too severely wounded to speak. The other pirate, Jesse’s would-be kidnapper, is behind bars.
A merchant, who’s name is Owens Asyncritus, comes into town, and is shocked at all the carnage. He talks to one of the people in the town, and says he was heading back to Hope because the bridge has now been blocked off by bandits. They told him they don’t want anyone crossing this bridge, and to stay away from the swamps at the eastern edge of Hope, because it is “their area”. They were kind enough not to take any of his goods though, so he is thankful for that. He begins handing out supplies and helping anyone who may have needs.
Back at the outpost, the interogation begins. The healthy pirate is cooperative.

His name is Hernandez. He’s from one of the islands west of Stormfrost.

Duncan says: Which Island are you from?
Hildababy Island, East side represent. You probably never even heard of it, right?

Duncan: If you’re from the islands, how did you get all the way here?
“I come from a poor family, and ma and pa were always struggling to put food on the table.
I never went to school, but I wanted my little brother to, so when a recruiter came into town and offered the taller and stronger boys some decent pay, I jumped at the chance to sail the high seas.

I did that for a year. It was hard work some days, and living on that boat with a bunch of other sailors who didn’t like washing was sick, but it was good pay.
Some days, all we did was play with little soldiers and dice on a table top.

Now if you want me to keep talking, can you at least untie me?

Duncan (asking the Paladin): What do you guys think? Should we untie him? Are you comfortable with that?

Paol says:
I’ve already checked him for weapons, except for orfaces. So if he starts to scratch his bum hole, draw your sword.

The Fighter, Paladin, and Wizard discuss untieing him. Since he is a fairly insignificant peon, they decide to untie him. Michele, the cook, protests and is the only one who disagrees.

The Cleric continues healing people at the flower house. A young, beautiful girl walks up to him. She is obviously infatuated with him, and asks him to come into the flowered house if he wants to relax with her a little and de-stress. He agrees to the meeting and heads into the house.

Outside, Jesse tells the Sorcerer that she is very thankful she was rescued, and doesn’t want to think about what would’ve happened to her if they succeeded in taking her away. She says that since she is an elf and he’s an elf, maybe their families know each other. She also mentions she has some interest in studying to be a sorceress, and asks if he would help her. Sorcerer agrees, and she says that they should have dinner sometime.

Inside the outpost, the untied pirate continues…

Ok, so about a year in, the captain brings us all up the the ship, and tells us we are all probably going to see an increase in our pay.
That we weren’t going to fight with the other pirates anymore, and we were all gonna work together now to become rich – by getting people all hooked to that special tea.
But some of us were going to transfer to land and pirate the land, kind of like what we did to you guys today.

So I got dropped off in Stormfrost and transferred to Captain Clegg’s group. They also told us we all had to get this stupid dragon tattoo.

Duncan (asking the Paladin): Do you want to ask him anything?

The Paladin asks him how many towns they have raided.

Hernandez: Since I’ve been here, I’ve raided a town called Corsica, and then yesterday, we raided Lyons. If you grant me immunity from being tried and let me go, I’ll tell you all I know about Black Dragon.

Duncan says
I think that is a decision we will leave for the elders to decide.

Duncan (asking the Paladin): Do you want to ask him anything?

Paladin asks about the power structure of Black Dragon, and what their primary mission was.

Hernandez says he knew they were suppose to go after some artifact in the alchemy lab, and their secondary mission was to kill Lindenbock, which they succeeded at. Lindenbock got a carrier hawk message late yesterday that said they were suppose to attack Hope immediately. Clegg, already half wasted, replied and said his union stated he could only sack one town per day, and they had just finished Lyons off. So they’d have to wait for tomorrow. Lindenbock was a guy who was always trying to one up Clegg, and he kept telling the others that someday he was gonna be their leader. And he left for Hope, trying to retrieve this item before Clegg got there. When Clegg found out, he decided he had had enough of Lindenbock, and ordered them to kill him.

Hernandez the exclaims, "….Look, I don’t know most of these guys ok? I’m not loyal…..and besides, if I go back to them, they’ll think you guys let me go for snitchin’, and last I checked, they ain’t too kind to snitchers.
..I’ve already told you guys way more than I should. I want immunity and freedom, or I’m not sayin another word!

Duncan and Paol decide that they can’t make this call by themselves, so they are going to have to call the rest of the town elders if they want to make any more “deals” with this person. The Wizard volunteers to go out and find them all.

Rogue and Terri are standing next to a big wooden box, and Terri asks him if he can open it. He takes a close look at the lock, and examines it for traps. None are detected, so he opens it easily. Inside there are a few odds and ends, and a cookbook her granmother bought at some store long ago. She gives the Rogue the book and then they wonder what to do next.

Terri asks him if he’d like to know more about what they were talking about before they were so rudely interrupted at the bar last night. At first Rogue is reluctant, but then decides that this type of knowledge might be useful later on. Terri then says they will have to go to her place to get something.

They take a brisk walk towards her house, and she opens to tdoor to hear the sounds of two people in the throes of mad, passionate love. She asks Rogue to wait outside, and then opens the door to the room. The couple stop and she asks the girl if Jesse knows they are in here? A meek “No” comes out from the other end, and she grabs a lizard statue off her shelf, and then closes the door behind her.

“That’s soo gross!” she exclaims. “Well, we can’t do it here I guess, but I have another place. Here, follow me…”

Inside the outpost, the elders and the adventurers huddle to discuss the fate of the pirate Hernandez.

Paol says: I think we should take this deal. He sounds like he doesn’t care about the pirates.

The Fighter, Paladin, and Wizard all agree that the information this guy may provide could help them track down Jewel and let them learn more about the pirates. The general consensus seems to be they should at least grant him immunity. Michele then groans outwardly…

Michele (sighs) : I can’t seriously believe you guys are considering taking this deal. Let him sit and rot forever if you want justice to be served.

Duncan: Michele, please let us talk it over first….

Michele (walking out of the outpost): Hey everybody, guess what? It looks like we won’t be getting justice again!

Duncan: I really wish she hadn’t done that!

A crowd starts gathering outside the jailhouse. Paol grabs the bandit and puts him into the jail cell while Duncan blocks the door.

Paol says: Ok everyone, nothing to see here! No one comes in!
Don’t worry, I’ll keep the crowd out. You guys just get to your meeting on time.

Michele runs into Sorcerer and Jesse outside the outpost, where a crowd is gathering. She tells them what has just happened. People in front of the outpost are booing.

“That’s so stupid.” Jesse exclaims. “I can’t believe they are thinking of letting him go!” She turns to Sorcerer. “Actually, I might need your help with something else. I have to ask you something, but that means you’ll have to miss your meeting. And yes, it’s important!” She takes sorcerer into a corner.

“Listen,” she says. "I want justice served just as much as you do, so I need you to help me with something. Jesse then takes out two mushrooms, and Sorcerer instantly recognizes them as Princess Toadstools. They grow around the shady spots in and around his hometown of Chantelle. The purple ones are poisonous, but in them, she has a bunch of blue ones mixed in, which are Princess Toadstools most people use for various types of ordinary potions or used to spice up dishes..

“I need to know which one of these are the most poisonous. Please tell me!”

The sorcerer hesitates, and says he does not want to be involved in this, but Jesse is very persistent.
“Please, just tell me which ones are the most poisonous, and I’ll do the rest. That’s all you have to do!” Sorcerer does not want to make Jesse angry, so he finally gives up and points to all the blue ones.

Terri and Rogue sit inside an abandoned outpost at the edge of town, right beside the tiny wheat farm. This outpost was here long before Terri was, and is now used as a storage shed for old farm equipment.

Terri takes out several mushrooms, and digs out the pea sized seeds from underneath the mushroom heads. They are dry and brittle. She then takes out a tool that resembles a pencil sharpener and puts the seeds into it, then starts to casually turn the handle.

Chuka chuka chuka chuka chuka chuka
Chuka chuka chuka chuka chuka chuka
Chuka chuka chuka chuka chuka chuka

She then dumps the powder onto a cloth, then takes out the lizard statue and removes to mouthpiece. She pours a small pile of greenish powder into a tea cup.

“This stuff is Chamyleana. See, Marii Tea affects everyone in a different way….
Some people feel stronger when they are on it, while others feel more tough, or more charasmatic. Still, others can’t cast certain spells until they drink it and they feel more wise or intelligent.”

Terri continuse as Rogue watches.

“Chamyleanis helps you not come down so hard off the Marii Tea, and you have to have it, or you could spend days not wanting to get out of bed….
And after you add the Epona and the Chamyleana, all you need is typical Royal Tea, and then you will have Marii Tea.”

She asks Rogue if he’d like to try some. He says he may as well try some and asks Terri if it affects one thing, will it just affect that one thing everytime he drinks it? She says that yes, it will affect him the same way usually, and she takes it to try and cast some spells.

He takes a swill of the Tea, and suddenly feels a lot stronger!

(Note: Marii Tea affects on of their stats, and gives either Strength, Intelligence, Chrisma, Wisdom, Dexterity, or Constitution a +3 boost for about an hour (1 battle) but then decreases all stats by -1 for the rest of the day. I made them roll a d6 to determine which stat Marii tea affects.)

The elders and the 3 adventurers meet at the outpost. Sorcerer, seemingly finished with his talk with Jesse, joins them. Gunmarr speaks and tells everyone that he just got a reply back from Chantelle, and they tell them that they are planning to attack and reclaim their hometown of Lyons from the pirates. They also tell them to send reinforcements, and to please help the villagers get through the wilderness to Chantelle. The elders ask the adventurers if they can do this for them, which they all agree to do.

Gunmarr also mentions Owens Asyncritus has decided to let them use his horses and cart to help transport people and supplies to Chantelle. The adventurers decide they would like to ask the town alchemist, who’s shop was sacked, a few questions.

On the way Jesse passes by and gives Sorcerer an evil eye. Fighter asks what that was about, but Sorcerer claims ignorance.



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