Episode 2 - Jewel Quest

DM Note: 2nd Week! (July 3, 2010)

We had two other adventurers join us for this night. One was there playing Magic: The Gathering, and the other also plays D&D on Friday nights, but their Dungeon Master had to go to a wedding, so he asked if he could join our group.


It is deep in a cave somewhere. A man in black turns to face the mysterious woman.
“Yes, I understand completely, paramour….I’ll send word immediately.”

She does not say anything.

“But I must contact the Regent now.”
The woman fades into the shadows.
The man turns towards the mirror…..
In the town of Stormfrost, another man in black clothes asks his assistant if he got all that. The assistance affirms that he did.

“Ok then, the Regent says. “Feathers away”. The assistant opens the window, and a bird flies out there very fast.

…The adventurers get back into town to some heavy commotion by the town’s outpost. There are a lot of people there, in varying stats of ill-health. They have cuts, bruises, and various other injuries.

Upon talking to the townsfolk, they find out the town to the west of them, Lyons, had been attacked by the pirates/bandits from Black Dragon. People fled the town, most of them running to the closer town of Chantelle because they had family there, while others just took off in any direction. They are calling for a guy’s head outside the town outpost.

The Paladin and Cleric help who they can, and find out from overhearing people that there was a guy snooping outside the town alchemy shop. After not getting his way, one of the girls saw him sneaking around the back, trying to open windows, so she went and told the boys about it, who took him and dragged him to the jail at the outpost.

The people outside the outpost are hurt, but there is a barely contained anger. They want to see the guy in the jail executed.

The two new guys who joined tonight were a Wizard and a Fighter, and I decided to roll them into the campaign as refugees from the town of Lyons, who just got here. They are in the outpost, talking to the guard already, when the main adventurers arrive.

A man named Kenny is in charge of guard duty, and he’s trying to hold the people back. Tysoon, a blue haired elf, is also with him. In the jail cell sits a young man with blond hair and dark clothes, something people in Black Dragon are known to wear. The people outside, those not hurt and with enough energy, grow more hateful and demand justice.

The adventurers ask Kenny some questions, and find out although young, he is one of the town elders. They ask him about the prisoner, and he says what they sort of had been hearing. The guy was snooping around outside and when one of the girls got suspicious of him trying to break and enter, she called some of the boys, and they grabbed him and threw him into jail. Tysoon says the guy kept insisting he was trying to buy his daughter a present, and was looking for some potions and a nice mirror for her. Dwarf Cleric asks Kenny if he is in charge of the outpost and he says no, he just decided to do guard duty tonight and there are no official King’s guards here. He asked if they noticed the two tombstones in the front of the outpost. The pirates came and killed those two guards, and instead of letting the townfolks bury them in the cemetery out back, the pirates made them bury them out front as a reminder to not oppose them.

Outside, a girl in green clothes approaches Dwarf Cleric and asks “How’s Clericing these days?” After laughing about it, he says it is fine. She says the reason she asks is she was interested in going to that school in Denhim, and asks about whether it is a good school. She introduces herself as Sara, and she is a gardener. Also, she asks if the school has a brochure, which they also laugh at.

The Human Fighter then asks Kenny if he can question the suspect. Kenny gives the go ahead. The Human Wizard, Human Fighter, Halfling Rogue, and Elf Sorcerer all take their turns. They ask him to roll up his sleeve. If he is from Black Dragon, he will have a tattoo on his arm. Initiates have a Wyrmling on their wrist, lieutenants have a wyvern on their arms and shoulders, and full fledged members of Black Dragon have a full dragon on their chest or back.

He refuses. Human Fighter asks him about his daughter, and finds that the guy hesitates a lot when answering questions. He tries to convince the guy to not fear him, because there is a lynch mob outside that wants his head, and he can protect him and make sure he doesn’t get killed. The guy still refuses, walks away from the interrogation, and tells the to do whatever they want, and that he did noting wrong, so they should let him go.

Tysoon says the prisoner is fairly weak, and it really didn’t take much effort to drag him into the jail, so they should just open the cell, hold him down, and see if he has any tattoos. They agree that they should find out, but what if the guy has hidden weapons on him?

Elf Sorcerer whispers to the others and says he can cast a Sleep spell on the prisoner. Kenny agrees with it, and the Elf Sorcerer casts sleep. The guy dozes off. Kenny goes to the drawer. He looks at teh drawer and asks the adventurers if they feel like going on a quest to retrieve the key, because he’s lost it! The adventurers groin loudly! Kenny then pulls out the key and tells them he was only joking, much to their relief.

The cell swings open, and they all quickly move into the room. They roll up the prisoner’s sleeve, and sure enough, he has the wyrm wrist tattoo. They roll up his sleeve further, but he does not have any other tattoos. They remove his leather armor and keep it, and they check him very thoroughly for any hidden weapons but they find none. No one is willing to look in his asshole, however.

People start to come into the outpost, so the adventurers exit the holding cell and then Kenny closes and locks the bars. The people crowd around the jail cell and some demand his execution. One of the adventurers say this can turn out very very bad. The people already assumed he’s one of the pirates that sacked their town, and the Paladin and Cleric could end up having to fight all these people for trying to lynch this guy.

Kenny then steps up and calms everyone down. He says that justice WILL be served, and this guy will stand on trial and be punished by the town elders. So just calm the fuck down and let us handle it. The crowd settles down somewhat and returns to talking with each other.

Kenny says that with all these people here, they are going to need places to stay, but it’s impossible because there are so many people here for the funeral, and now this. He is borrowing some blankets from the townsfolk and making the outpost a place for people tonight, because he can’t have people sleeping outside in the open.

Jesse, the red haired barmaid from earlier in the evening, walks up to Dwarf Paladin and tells him the boys really appreciate him and his friends clearing the mines for them and giving them their jobs back, so if they want, to come to the tavern and let them pay for their rounds.

A heavy set half orc and a blond girl in a white and pink dress pass by with blankets while more people start to flood into the outpost.

Since all the people seem to be healed of their wounds, the rest of the adventurers decide to settle down for a few rounds.

In the Wise Owl Tavern and Inn, Duncan asks the guys what they will have. The people seem enthusiastic. The miner boys buy the guests several rounds. Jesse walks up and introduces her friends Jewel and Terri. Jewel appears to be very young and naive. She is a blond girl dressed in red, who always carries a mirror with her. Terri is a raven haired girl dressed in black, and carries what appears to be a skull wand.

Another lady also introduces herself as Taylor and her half orc husband is Hugo.

Rogue Halfling is sitting down at the end of the bar, and Terri approaches him and congratulates him for returning the ring. She then asks him if he does Epona. The Rogue is a bit shocked at this, and tells her no he does not.

According to local knowledge, Epona is made with Red Reed Funghi, a very rare plant that grows in the swamps around South Caitonia. They say it is the reason the pirates are trying to take over this area. It is a red reed type plant, and the funghi that grows in a circle around the plant is then dried, grinded up, and then turned into a powder called Epona, which has many different uses. It is used mostly to make Marii Tea, a tea that makes the drinker go into a trance-like state.

Suddenly, the Rogue is interrupted. “What are you guys talking about?” It is Jewel. The Rouge tells her it is nothing, and to go away. Jesse then interrupts and says “Excuse me, I need to talk to Terri for a minute here.” Then go to the other end of the bar where Jesse seems to give Terri an annoyed lecture and telling her she doesn’t want that sort of stuff in the town. Hugo, the half Orc, tells them in his deep echoing voice “Don’t do it. That stuff is evil.”

Jewel asks the Rogue what it is, and he keeps insisting she doesn’t need to know about it. Across the bar, where most of the people are congregating, the girl in green introduces herself to the rest of the crowd and says she is Sara, the gardener.

The Rogue then tries to get away from the young girl and she starts talking to Terri and Jesse again. He makes a really crude remark and Terri then rolls her eyes and tells everyone she’s leaving. The Rogue protests, but to no avail.

Dwarf Paladin asks about Red Reed Funghi, and finds out that even though King Maurius has not outright banned it in Catonia, it is extremely frowned upon. He asks what happens if someone is caught with it. The people beside him say the elders of the town will definitely take it away and give you a very stern lecture.

Sara says goodbye to everybody, and to have a good time. She leaves through the door, but the rogue follows her. “Hi, he says, so you are a gardener?” She nods. "Umm, I wanted to ask you something….do you have a herb that can knock somebody out for a few rounds? She asks him why he needs something like this. Rogue tells her it’s probably best she didn’t know. She says just to tell her, since she won’t judge him. He says he wants to knock out the prison guard so he can get into the prison. She asks why, and he tells her he wants to kill the prisoner. He plans to bring some tea as a nice gesture to Kenny, and then sneak in to the prison and kill the pirate. She says she really doesn’t want any part of this. He keeps insisting, and she says she’s not going to help him kill someone, and she doesn’t have anything that will do that anyways. “If you really want something like that, you should probably go talk to the chemist in the town, but that place is closed for the night.”

Rogue goes back to the bar after talking to Sara.

One of the miners says “Well guys, I’ve spent all my money buying you guys rounds, so I think I’m out.” Hugo and his wife also say goodnight and thank the adventurers for clearing the mines.

The new guys, the Wizard and the Fighter, ask if they can bunk with the other adventurers tonight, since there is no room anywhere. They tell them there is barely room to fit them all into their room, so sorry. The only ones left in the tavern at this point are Duncan, his wife the cook, and Jesse, who is finishing up cleaning the tables.

The only ones who are not completely intoxicated are Dwarf Paladin and Dwarf Cleric. (I make them roll a check to see who is wasted) Dwarf Paladin and Dwarf Cleric decide to stand guard over the room tonight, taking 4 hours rest, with the Cleric taking first watch.

The Human Wizard and Human Fighter turn in to the outpost, where they sleep uncomfortably on the floor with everyone else.

The town rests for the night…

The adventurers in the Inn wake up to the sound of screaming and commotion outside! Something is definitely going on in the town center. The Paladin bangs on the door of their room to awaken everyone, until the sound of rushed footsteps come up the stairs!

As he looks down the hallway, two men dressed in black round the corner and rush right towards him. The Cleric, Rogue, and Sorcerer quickly get out of bed, but the Cleric has no time to put any of his armor on! Paladin gets ready for the first attack, and dodges it! Two are on him, just as the door swings open and the Sorcerer steps out, throwing a magic missile at the nearest bandit. The spell chars the bandit, but he is no worse for wear. The bandits get their chops into the Paladin, but he is holding them off. The Rogue rounds the corner and throws a knife at the other bandit, just narrowly missing it’s mark.

Outside, at the outpost, Wizard and Fighter awaken to the sound of the cell being opened. Kenny is lying on the floor, in obvious pain. The wizard thinks fast, casting a rare and powerful blinding and paralyzing spell, trying to hit the two bandits with the area of effect spell, but it completely misses. The two bandits raise their swords high in the air, just as the eyes of the unsuspecting prisoner open. Coup de Grace! The prisoner is slaughtered before their eyes!

The fighter charges towards the two bandits, and with skilled swordplay, spirals his weapon into the hands of the first bandit, making him drop his axe. The second bandit tries to grapple with the fighter, but the fighter turns to the side and trips the oncoming attacker. The wizard casts a spell of enlargement on the Fighter, and waits anxiously for the spell to take effect. The Fighter is getting swamped, but hanging in there valiantly!

Up in the Inn, the struggle continues. The Paladin takes another swipe at the lead bandit, this time connecting with a severe blow. The bandit falls in agony, and blood covers the cheap wooden flooring of the hotel hallway. The other bandit sees the Rogue and Sorcerer bursting through the door, and starts to flee back down the stairs. The Paladin takes off, and with more swiftness, intercepts the cowardly bandit at the bottom of the stairs, as another magic missile crashes into the wall behind the bandit. The brave dwarf and the bandit lock weapons in the narrow corridor, fighting savagely! The bandit swings wildly with his sword, leading to his final fatal mistake. The Dwarf Paladin steps slightly to the side, and raises his axe to the sky. With a battlecry, he swings downwards, catching the unprepared bandit square in the unarmored head, slicing him in half and spraying blood everywhere! The Sorcerer runs down the stairs beside the Paladin and calls up the stairs. “Where the hell are they?” The Cleric and Rogue do not have their armor on, and quickly rush back into the room. The Rouge yells out “I’ll come out through the top window! Go ahead without me!”

The Fighter, now three times his normal size, is an intimidating presence in the jail cell. The refugees are beginning to get up and catch their bearings. One of the bandits grabs his fallen axe and takes a chop. It is hard to miss the giant, and a swing connects. The giant fighter swipes at the over matched criminal, connecting with a deadly blow. Blood gushes everywhere as he asks the other bandit to surrender. The bandit ignores the warning, and a few seconds later, is summoned to the netherworld, courtesy of an enraged, and now enlarged fighter! With murderous intent, the fighter runs out of the outpost to see what is going on, with the Wizard close behind.

All four adventurers, Sorcerer, Wizard, Fighter, and Paladin, burst through the front doors of their abodes, to the sounds of screaming and hysteria. There are more than half a dozen pirates in the middle of the town square. The loudest screams come from the west, where a half orc warrior on a horse is carrying away a crying girl. “Jesse! Help me, please!!” It is Jewel, Harold’s grandaughter! The Orc turns his mount towards the west and gallops out of town, leaving a trail of dust hanging in the air. The activity seems to be centered around the alchemy lab, where several bandits have gathered, beating their victims. Through the window, the inside of the shop seems to be on fire.

The townspeople fight valiantly, but are outmatched by the bandits. The Sorcerer rushes towards the west, where Jesse is being dragged away by a bandit. With a silver tongue, he recites a spell, and immediately, both Jesse and the bandit collapse in the middle of the road, fast asleep.

The Paladin charges towards the bandits, and is met by a spear and a sickle. Weakened by his previous fight, he must conserve his energy for what may be his final battle! The fighter makes a sprint towards the pirates, but falls short of being in range. In the distance, the remaining pirates seem startled by what sounds like running horses. It is the wizard, creating the sound of well armed men, racing to save the village. Several of the pirates flee the scene.

Sara, enraged at the death and destruction around her, charges towards a pirate, planting her sickle square in the back of her enemy. Terri, stepping into the light, fires a deadly line of icicles, hitting the unsuspecting bandit, and putting him on the ground.

The Paladin and giant Fighter make short work of the remaining bandits. The pirates are routed, and the town is saved, just as the Rogue crashes through the window from the second floor and injures himself severely!



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