DOINK DOINK: Justice Undone, and Injustice Double-Crossed, and Seru Wears a Dress.

The thrilling conclusion to the court trial!

Today our story became fractured and wheeled off in many directions. So first, to gain your footing, the locations of our various heroes.

Maldox, Mog and Perrin are in prison after turning themselves in for the assassination of Beedle, leader of the Scarab Bandits. They are to go to trial.

Melnor is at the tavern, as he is not a wanted criminal.

Seru is running from the jail to the tavern to hide, as she is a wanted criminal.

The tale opens on the jailed men. Being led into their cells, they were surprised to see Keith the Mountie and Broder, Bearer of the God-Given Dagger. Keith made lewd gestures at a horse, and Broder insulted a half-orc’s fangs, and they were just winding down after a night in the drunk tank. It was nice seeing them, but they were quickly released, leaving us to stew in our juices.

Emerson the Blacksmith who knows everybody is here! He has found the finest Rules Lawyer in town. The man doesn’t sound exactly confident about defending us, but he’ll take the case. We opt for trial by jury.

At the tavern, Seru is cowering in a back room trying not to be recognized. She gathers Melnor, Pink, and a few other people and they form somewhat of a plan involving killing the Scarab Bandit bartender who got us in jail. Seru also tells Pink to find her a dress, so that she will be less recognizable if she goes out in public. As Melnor is leaving the tavern, he gets some juicy details about a joint meeting of the Black Dragon pirates and Scarab Bandits. They need a banner, and so Mandy the unloved Seamstress and Richard the Loot Manager are recruited to sew a banner so that they can enter this bad guy pep rally.

Then, Melnor shows up at the jail. We pretend not to know him, but he insists that he knows us. One of the guards recognizes him and accuses him of killing a Scarab Bandit during the hit on Beedle. Melnor accuses the guard of taking money from Cyrus to stand guard and not talk about this event. The captain of the guard puts them both in a jail cell. They manage to talk their way out of the cell and Melnor let us know he will try to stack the jury in our favour, as justice in this town appears a little bit broken.

Maldox and Perrin passed the time by playing floor hockey. Mog passed the time by crying in the corner.

Melnor leaves the prison and seeks out Hyde. After performing a favour for Hyde, he agrees to stack the jury. Melnor also takes advantage of knowledge gained in this puzzle to bet on a rigged horse race. Then it’s back to the tavern!

Seru also does some deft trading, solving a puzzle that gets the group what they need to get the banner made in time for the meeting.

By now Seru’s level of paranoia has reached utterly crazed, but everyone eventually returns with what is needed to get into the general meeting of the baddies. The bartender will be there, and that guy needs to get what’s coming to him.


Maldox, Mog and Perrin are led to the courtroom. The trial begins. Cryus’s wife was having an affair with Beedle?! Well no wonder he hired us to kill the guy. Because of the affair, we can’t be implicated in the death of Cyrus!

Our Rules Lawyer makes a rousing speech that inspires even the heroes themselves to believe their innocence. The heroes testify in their favour. Suddenly, a guard bursts into the courtroom and passes out a note announcing that the nobleman Hawkthorne (the entire reason we were in Fort Kaylea) has been assassinated. This doesn’t have much effect on the trial overall. The prosecuting rules lawyer, Derek, basically calls us terrible, law-skirting bloodthirsty killers who should never have trusted the authorities in Fort Kaylea.

And then possibly the shiniest person ever walks in! It’s Sargeant Lucy, and she approaches the justice and asks what is the difference between the heroes and a soldier such as herself? She makes a fabulous speech but it has no effect. Lucy is our new player, Bill!

The Jury makes virtually no deliberations and then declares us guilty. The justice sentences us. Maldox: Life in the Pit. Perrin: 3 years in the Pit. Mog: 1 year in the Pit.

The heroes are shackled and dragged off. Perrin begins to shout, “These men could not protect the good noble Hawkthorne! What makes you think they can protect you?” but he was not diplomatic enough (yes, crit 1) to influence the crowd. And so they were taken to the maximum security prison, to be taken to the Pit on the next morning. Lucy follows them to the prison and attempts to conscript the heroes. The Captain of the guard is hearing nothing of this. Lucy asks to travel with us to the pit and conscript the heroes there and the captain agrees.

Meeting with the Black Dragon

Melnor, Seru, Pink, Hernandez and a few of the other former black dragons go to the meeting. Melnor and Seru are disguised so they will not be recognized. They mill about and get some information. Then the proper festivities begin!
The Scarab Bandits and Black Dragon will be working together. They will loot and pillage like the dickens! And now they have BLINK DOGS! They plan to use the blink dogs to better assault the merchant caravans, after they successfully breed some more blink dogs. Some bandit/pirates are selected to escort the blink dogs to the northern stronghold blink dog love hotel.

The Scarab Bandits and Black Dragons will also work together to ambush the wagon headed for the pit containing the Heroes of Hope! They hate those guys! With their hopeful heroics! Some recruiting goes on, and Seru and Melnor plus entourage all join the party headed to intercept and kill those rascally Heroes of Hope.

Seru, Melnor etc finally get their chance to kill the bartender, to everyone’s great satisfaction. So thank god that’s over. Then, Melnor learns of our guilty verdict and seeks out Hyde. He tries to negotiate some kind of favour that will get the jailed heroes out of the Pit, but Hyde doesn’t know if he can do it. Melnor threatens Hyde, Hyde calls the guard, Melnor is in jail for the second time in one day! But Lucy offers to conscript Melnor and manages to convince the captain that Melnor is some drunk guy and to just let him go in the morning. Somehow, this works.

Road Trip! Destination: THE PIT

Lucy (the gold mini) arrives in the morning and the group is shackled to everything and each other and everything else again, and the wagon. Then the group sets off. There’s someone else on our wagon, Homeboy. Homeboy has a bad feeling about the trip. No shit, Homeboy. We’re going to the pit. He makes us promise to protect him, so we say we will do our best to keep him safe.

The wagon suddenly stops. Half of the guards walk away, and a bag is dropped at our feet. It contains our weapons and armour. Our shackles are unlocked, except for Homeboy’s. Perrin uses a dropped key to unlock Homeboy. The black dragon/scarab bandit group appears.

“We’ll take the prisoners from here”

And that’s where it ends for the day.



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