It is a time of upheaval in the kingdom.

King Maurius, ruler of the great nation of Caitania, has sent his soldiers north, to defend the land from the invading hordes of Emperor Justus, who grows more bold each day in his attempt to spread his influence. Wardrums boom, and horses thunder, leaving ordinary people uncertain about the future.

In the sprawling forests and towns of South Caitonia, a growing problem has made itself manifest, threatening to sweep this troubled country away in a wave of violence and death.

The pirates of the Silk Coast, without fear of reprisal from the King’s absent army, quickly overtook the port town of Stormfrost and established a criminal empire that is now expanding its sphere of influence inland. What were once hungry pirates looking for treasure on the open seas have turned into marauding land-bound bandits. Fear and concern grows among the people as this large group of bandits, known only as Black Dragon, quickly and mercilessly deprive ordinary citizens of their wealth, possessions, and even loved ones.

With each town falling victim to Black Dragon, despair grows as pleas to the king go unanswered. What few troops not on the King’s front line in his war against Emperor Justus are no match for the overwhelming number of bandits under the employ of Black Dragon.

Caught between the King’s neglect and the growing scourge of Black Dragon, South Caitonia awaits its deliverance.

Adventure Log

Episode 1 – Four Kobalds and a Funeral

Episode 2 – Jewel Quest

Episode 3 – Inglorious Bandit

Episode 4 – The Countess of Chantelle

Episode 5 – Smokey Gets In Your Eyes

Episode 6 – Secondhand Lyons

Episode 7 – How To Train Your Black Dragon (Coming Soon!)

Episode 8 – Behold, The Wood

Episode 9 – Fairy’s Tale

Episode 10 – Beetle Mania (Coming Soon!)

Episode 11 – Ft. Kaylea vs. The Heroes of Hope

Episode 12 – Trial and Error

Episode 13 – Plan Bee

Episode 14 – Succor Punch
Episode 14 – Mergers & Acquisitions

Episode 15 – Hyde and Seek

Episode 16 – Into the Mouth of Madness – Part I

Episode 17 – Into the Mouth of Madness – Part II

Episode 18 – Thistle Sting

Episode 19 – Yakov’s Last Stand

Caitonia Map

Caitonia map

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